One of the most important activities of Koryazhma branch is the research work that is an integral part of the whole educational process; it is carried out in accordance with the profile of training.

The branch is implementing research into:

  • Mathematical and IT-component in the process of forming of single educational environment in a small town and in the European North of Russia.
  • Psychological and educational support for the educational process.
  • The development and functioning of the natural systems of the European North of Russia and the rational use of their resources.
  • Gulag as a social institution in Soviet society.

The teachers are actively involved in the work of international, national, inter-university, scientific-practical and scientific and methodological conferences.

Over the past 5 years a number of scientific conferences have been held by Koryazhma branch:

  • All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Modern information and communication technologies in the further education of rural students" (funded by the Administration of the Arkhangelsk region) (2007);
  • International scientific-practical conference "Modern educational technology in mathematics education" (supported by the Russian Foundation for the Humanities and the Administration of the Arkhangelsk region) (2008);
  • The regional scientific-practical conference "Vychegda land in the history and culture of the Russian North in the XX century" (2008);
  • International Scientific-Practical Conference "Problems of the humanization of education in small towns: Theory, Practice and Prospects" (with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for the Humanities and the Administration of the Arkhangelsk region) (2010);
  • All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Design and research activities in the educational area of preschool institutions, schools and universities" (2011);
  • The regional scientific-practical conference "Actual challenges of modern education" (2012).

The results of the conferences and seminars were issued as collections of scientific articles that represented the work of both teachers from the branch and scientists from other universities in Russia.

The branch is working to enhance and to increase the mass participation of talented students in scientific researches and to find out the most promising students. The Council for students’ research was established directly for the organization of student research work. The branch also operates a Student scientific society.

The main forms of student scientific researches in the branch are:

  • Student scientific groups;
  • Participation in regional, university, all-Russian and international conferences and competitions;
  • Participation in marketing and public opinion polls as well as master classes.

The subjects of students’ research works include a fairly large list of areas and they compile with the basic research that is carried out in the departments and other divisions of the branch. The students are also involved in researches of the department. Each year the students that participate in various academic competitions get awarded with diplomas and certificates.

Over the past 5 years the following student conferences and workshops have been held together with the other universities of the region:

  • The economy of the European North of Russia: Past and Present (2007);
  • Socio-economic development of the southern region of Arkhangelsk Region (2008, 2009);
  • The problems of education and socio-economic development of the Arkhangelsk Region (2010);
  • Current social, economic, humanitarian, legal problems and prospects of development of regions (2011, 2012).

The students of Koryazhma branch actively participate in competitions of student research papers and contests. Lomonosov readings are held annually (since 1999), and the results of these readings are issued as collections of student research papers.

Updated 11.05.2013