Koryazhma Branch

The main task of the Koryazhma branch is staffing of the socio-economic development of the southern areas of the Archangelsk region. The following groups of specialties are being prepared in here: economics and management (41%), education and pedagogy (39%), physical and mathematical sciences (20%).

Educational activity in the branch is conducted in the following specialties and directions:

  • Mathematics;
  • Geography;
  • Management of the organization;
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science;
  • Pedagogy and Psychology;
  • Pedagogy;
  • State and municipal government;
  • Applied Science (in the economy);
  • Computer Science.

About 1000 full-time and half-time students study in the branch.

The Koryazhma branch of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov aims to integrate the joint efforts of educational and research activities, and it develops cooperation with the leading educational and academic centers in Russia on the basis of agreements and treaties. Those include the Russian State Pedagogical University named after AI Herzen and his branch of Vyborg, St. Petersburg State Engineering and Economic University, Aktobe State University, etc.

Full-time students are eligible for academic scholarships based on academic achievements at the end of a session. In addition, the students that are actively involved in scientific research and sports life of the branch, and have excellent learning achievements can get an increased academic scholarship of I or II degree as well as the governor’s scholarship.

Qualified specialists implement educational and professional training. There are 31 full-time teachers (1 doctor of sciences and 18 PhD) that work in three departments. Teaching staff are actively engaged in scientific publishing.

The work with students

The work with students is not only educational in nature. The student Council operates in the branch that aims to create supportive environment for students’ self-realization in the period of study at the university. The Council also organizes mass cultural, recreational activities of students and supports their creativity.

The students take part in the adaptation gatherings, tourist meetings, KVN, tours, traditional celebrations: Dedication to Students, Graduation Day, Victory Day.

An employment assistance service for graduates with pedagogical education constantly works in the University. Students of other disciplines have practices in the organizations that can later hire them. Most of the graduates (more than 80%) live and work in the Archangelsk region.

24 graduates of the branch (more than 1%) became PhD. Many graduates of the branch have achieved great success in their careers.

The lectures in the branch are held in spacious, well-equipped classrooms. The branch offers computer labs, a library and a reading room.

All rooms of the academic building and dormitories are equipped with modern fire alarm, security cameras and fully compile with the state sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms.

Updated 27.04.2017