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The Institute of Theoretic and Applied Chemistry conducts multisectoral research in advanced and efficient chemical processing of wood, peat, pine needles, berries and other plant products. (

The size of research funding allocated to the institute reaches as high as 15 million RUR annually. Every tenth student engaged in scientific work earns a salary in addition to his or her scholarship. The University Development Program enables the purchase of modern analytical and scientific equipment costing more that 300 million RUR and upgraded the level of the research carried out. The 2011 research budget amounted to about 35 million RUR.

The institute is actively cooperating with Russia’s large-scale innovative enterprises to carry out joint research and training of highly qualified professionals. Offices of the Department of Pulp and Paper Technology are established at several pulp and paper mills:

  • JSC Arkhangelsk Paper Pulp Mill and
  • Suhonsky PPM LLC.

To enhance scientific and engineering training for students in chemical technology, the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry has opened a branch of the department of wood-chemical production at the research and production center «KhimInvest» (based in Nizhniy Novgorod). NArFU will be training personnel for «KhimInvest», while experts from Nizhniy Novgorod will be taking part in the development of on-site training programs. In addition, the university and «KhimInvest» plan to implement joint scientific, technological and test engineering activities and projects.

The Institute is also implementing an agreement with Moscow State University and Institute of Ecological Problems of the North (RAS Ural Branch) for the establishment of inter-university academic department. Cooperation agreement was also signed with St. Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers for joint research in the production of mineral fiber based paperlike composites.

The employees at Institute of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry — lecturers and PhD students — are currently engaged in the project: «Implementing by Shared Scientific Equipment Center „Arktika“ of Exploratory Research in the Field of Monitoring Rocket Fuel Toxic components in Natural Environment». Implemented by the Shared Scientific Equipment Center «Arktika», the project has been approved 28 million RUR funding (including 11.350 million for 2012).

The project is financed within the Federal Target Program: «2007-2012 Priority Research and Development in Russia’s Scientific and Engineering Complex.»


Research fields

Research Supervisor

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry

Core research areas:

  • Developing methods for environmental and analytical monitoring of the economic activity in the Arctic region, including rocket-and-space activities
  • Developing priority technologies for complex chemical, biochemical and enzymatic processing of vegetable raw materials including biological resources of the Arctic seas aimed at deriving products with a wide range of consumer characteristics (bioactive substances, sorbents, organo-mineral composites, etc.).

Galina Komarova, Director,

PhD in Chemistry

Tel: 8 (8182) 21-61-16

Ksenia Bolotova,
Deputy Director on International Cooperation

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-45

  • Department of bio-technology and bio-engineering systems
  • Processing of biochemical and enzymatic hydrolyzates
  • Development of new methods of medias preparation for microorganisms
  • cultivation (yeasts, moulds, bacteria) and bio-ethanol production
  • Waste water treatment and effective processing of industrial and municipal wastes
  • Biochemical treatment of molasses and vegetal matter
  • Enzymatic technology in pulp and paper industry (bleaching, pitch control, recycling of cardboard and newsprint)
  • Improvement of the taste and quality of the fruit juice, beer and soft drinks
  • Waste-based bio-fuels and waste control, including dewatering methods
  • for biological wastes with biodegradable additions and enzymes
  • Automatic methods of microbial population monitoring
  • Treatment of vegetal matter with low-temperature plasma

Evgeny Novozhilov, a.a. Head of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-45

  • Information technologies and telemedicine in improving health and engineering component of health care institutions quality;
  • Automated statistical data processing of biomedical research (including cancers, immunodeficiency, endocrine and occupational diseases);
  • Application of simulation methods to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment of population.

Natalia Martynova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-89-14

  • Chemical Technology Department

Main research fields:

  • Developing and justifying new methods of reagent-catalytic pyrolysis of wood waste for carbon and organic adsorbents production.
  • Developing new areas of extraction from the waste wood and wood-greens of biologically active substances.
  • Improving technology for extraction and further processing of tall oil for new products production.
  • Study of composition and improvement of processing algae to produce new products with biological activity and suitable for the treatment and prevention of certain human diseases.
  • Improvement of wastewater treatment technologies in the pulp and paper mills

Nikolay Bogdanovich, Head, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-76

  • Theoretical and Applied Chemistry Department

Main research fields:

  • Extraction of plant material by supercritical fluids. Modification of natural polymers by supercritical carbon dioxide.
  • Physicochemical properties of ionic liquids as new environmentally friendly solvents of lignocellulosic materials.
  • Enzymatic oxidation of lignin
  • Development of catalysts for the oxidative delignification of plant raw materials based on polyoxometallates.
  • Developing methods for quantifying the toxic components of rocket fuel based on derivatives of hydrazine in environmental samples.
  • Effect of solvent on the physico-chemical properties and reactivity lignin

Konstantin Bogolitsyn, Head, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-89-48

  • Pulp and paper Technology Department

Main research fields:

  • Investigation of submicro- and nanostructures of natural fibrous materials for developing innovative technologies for paper and paperboard production
  • Modification methods and properties of modified lignins. Study of complexes of modified lignin with metals.
  • Research and development of methods to analyze carbohydrates and lignin in solutions and in lignocelluloses materials
  • Structure of residual lignin in pulp after cooking and oxygen delignification
  • Strength and deformation properties of the pulp and paper

Jakov Kazakov, Head, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 65-00-92

  • Department of standardization, metrology and certification
  • Improving quality of products, works and services
  • Metrological assistance during life-cycle of products, works, services

Sergey Tretyakov, Head

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-14

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