The institute of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry (ITAC) at Northern (Arctic) Federal University was founded on the basis of the Chemical-Engineering Faculty of the Arkhangelsk State Technical University, which in 2010 celebrated its 80th anniversary. Its history is full of interesting pages and striking personalities – lecturers and employees whose names and works deserve to be accounted in detail, not just mentioning.

It's no coincidence that the faculty dates back to 1930. At that time the northern region was operating a lot of primitive plants for tar extraction and production of pinewood resin for the purposes of shipbuilding. Pyrolysis plants used birch wood to produce calcium acetate powder from.

Tapping of pines and production of soft resin were advanced productions in the north. Rosin and turpentine used to be produced in large quantities. The designed output the then constructed Bakaritsa factory was 200 tons of resin monthly. Up and running was the Argunovskiy rosin factory in Velsk. The big ‘wood chemical production’ and a number of new pulp and paper mills were underway. The decision to create a dendro-chemical branch of Arkhangelsk Forestry Engineering Institute was therefore taken in the very beginning of the process of establishment. The newly launched production required personnel.

The history of the faculty is made by people – lecturers and laboratory staff, administration and technological staff. While some of the departments are carefully keeping the old photos, collecting bits of the historical evidence and asking veterans for the historical data, others are busy with their current accomplishments or looking into the future, as they are young and have no history. Some of the departments are already 80, others are not yet 10 years old.

So many interesting fates, so many famous names! Among the graduates are successful businessmen, city and region’s social and political leaders, lead specialists, company managers and famous scientists. There are also simple workers who graduated 20, 30 or 40 years ago and relocated to be assigned to work at the remoter factories. Loyal to their profession and the companies they are working for, they do deserve the most sincere respect and their names are usually unknown.

The faculty has worked hard to restore the pages of the path already covered. The fact that the main archives of the Institute were burned during the war time complicates the process.

We are proud of suchoutstanding scholars and lecturers as F.A. Chesnokov, A.P. Rutskov, V.M. Nikitin, I.M. Bokhovkin, B.D. Bogomolov, B.S. Filippov, O.M. Sokolov, K.G. Bogolitsyn, N.I. Bogdanovich, V.I. Komarov, E.D. Gelfand, who have and are largely contributing to the formation and development of the department. Today's professors and lecturers carry on traditions and train qualified specialists at the highest level.

Updated 22.05.2013