Scientific-Educational Center “Chemistry of natural compounds”

Jointly established in 2001 by Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Institute of Ecological Problems of the North (RAS Ural Branch) and Institute of Environmental Adaptation Physiology and (RAS Ural Branch), the scientific-educational center “Chemistry of Natural Compounds” was designed as a joint scientific and educational complex.

The purpose of scientific-educational center (SEC) is to join efforts for training and re-training specialists in priority research areas. The center is permanently led by professor and Doctor of Chemistry Konstantin Bogolitsyn, who also is the head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry and RF honored worker of science.

The SEC’s core scientific tasks include performance of wood chemistry-related research, development of innovative scientific principles of raw plant material processing and novelty products. These tasks are possible to achieve due to the joint efforts put by scientists and academic institutions.

The research of the composition, structure and properties of renewable raw plant materials is conducted at the center in the framework of the grants and as part of various projects. Among them is the competition held in the framework of “2009-2013 Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel for Innovative Russia” Federal Target Program which was won by SEC “Physical Chemistry of Aromatic Biopolimers Solutions.”

SEC “Chemistry of Natural Compounds” is a structure based around NArFU’s inter-university Department of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry. This is a new form of university cooperation which appeared in 2000 as a result of the cooperation between Arkhangelsk State Technical University (AGTU), Pomor State University (PGU) and Moscow State University (MSU), and is the only in Russia. Being the center for personnel training and retraining in chemistry, it provides research institutions and chemistry-related companies with highly qualified personnel.

The inter-university department works closely with NArFU’s Research Institute of Chemistry and Wood-Chemical Technology, a number of academic institutions and the country’s leading universities. Its other partners include leading scientific and educational centers, local and foreign wood-chemical enterprises. The department offers two PhD programs in “Physical Chemistry” and “Wood Biomass Chemical Processing and Equipment; Wood Chemistry.”

The SEC is successfully training analytical chemists for industrial enterprises and scientific institutions in Arkhangelsk region. Together with its colleagues from the Russian Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology, Moscow and St. Petersburg State Universities, NArFU has developed individual training program for third-year students.

The outcomes of the research work are actively used in the course of lectures, textbooks and methodological guidelines. There is a number of “copyright courses” developed at the center, which are recognized and supported by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education and Science.

Updated 22.05.2013