About the Institute

The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry (ITAC) was founded on the basis of the Chemical-Engineering Faculty of Arkhangelsk State Technical University on the 16th of June 2010. Its students and PhD students number more than 500 and 38, respectively.

ITAC owes its rich history and significant scientific and educational potential to the scientific schools of prof. K.G. Bogolitsyn (head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry), professor V.I. Komarov (head of the Department of Pulp and Paper Industry Technology, 1988-2011), professor N.I. Bogdanovich (head of Department of Dendro-Chemical Production).

The high level of teaching and research is ensured by the highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff that numbers 77 lecturers. The percentage of lecturers with academic degrees amounts to 92.2. Among the faculty lecturers are 11 academicians from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy of Quality Problems, Engineering Academy, etc., and 13 professors and doctors of sciences.

The students and post-graduate students at ITAC are actively involved in mass cultural and sports activities. They are engaged in the research assignments within the federal scientific and technical programs, grants and even economic agreements with such leaders of the industry as Arkhangelsk Paper and Pulp Mill, Ilim Group, Solombala Paper and Pulp mill, Mondi Syktyvkar and several other companies.

Updated 11.05.2013