The main areas of research and innovative activities of the Institute are conducted in cooperation with enterprises and innovative firms of the North-West region:

  • Implementation of joint research and innovation projects in the field of energy conservation, development of new industrial technologies for enterprises with the use of modern technologies of material handling as well as transfer of modern technologies.
  • Development of hard-profile processing tools, tool supply of machines.
  • Developments in the field of ultrasound equipment and diagnostics.
  • Developments in the field of industrial electronics and power industry.
  • Renovation of machine tools, design and manufacture of non-standard equipment.
  • Developments in the field of energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 3D Computer modeling.
  • Developments in the field of improvement of safety of hand tools.
  • Development of semiconductor converters on the base of transformers with rotating magnetic field.
  • Implementation of R&D at the request of enterprises and organizations, including innovative technologies of support for high-tech industries.

Postgraduate courses of the institute are a part of the research sector of the Institute, which is a structural subdivision of the institute. It is headed by Deputy Director for Science

Research areas of The Institute of Shipbuilding and Arctic Marine Engineering (Sevmashvtuz)


Head of department

Research subject matters of department

Department «Mathematics»

Tatyana A. Mineeva

Scientific and methodological support for improving the education process in higher educational institution in modern conditions

Mathematical modeling and optimization of technological processes in shipbuilding (participation in scientific research conducted by profile departments of the Institute)

Department «Engineering of hoisting and technological equipment»

Alexander V. Rudenko

Improvement of load-holding equipment for technological equipment of shipbuilding production (Rudenko A.V, Morozov A.S, Babkin A.I)

Improving digital models of automated production (Kuzmin D.V.,  Morozov A.S.)

Improvement of structures and manufacturing technologies for shipbuilding facilities based on end-to-end automation systems and information support for their production cycle

(Kremleva L.V., Lobanov N.V., Slutskov V.A.)

Department «Metal technology and mechanical engineering»

Evgeniy V. Fomin

Improvement of processes and technologies for manufacturing of shipbuilding products

Determination of optimal parameters for mechanical processing of materials with special physical and mechanical properties

Department «Shipbuilding and welding»

Elena G. lebedeva

Gas protection of welding processes

Metrological control in shipbuilding and ship repair

Department «Ship electricity and electrical engineering»

Alexander I. Cherevko

Semiconductor converters of electrical energy parameters on the basis of transformers with a rotating magnetic field (Research advisor by Doctor of Technical Sciences A.I. Cherevko)

Department «Ocean engineering and power plants»

Oscar D. Myuller

Diagnostics and energy efficiency of ship power equipment

Department «Automation and management in technical systems»

Mikhail M. Muzyika

Control of semiconductor converters with transformers with a rotating magnetic field (М.М. Muzyika, S.V. Platonenkov)

The use of non-contact methods for controlling the geometry of complex profile ship structures (F.V. Cherepenin,  S.M. Skovpen)

Control and monitoring systems for the movement of software-controlled process equipment (F.V. Cherepenin, S.M. Skovpen)

Optimal control systems for semiconductor converters of electrical energy (S.M. Skovpen)

Microcontrollers in control systems of technical objects and technological processes (V.I. Chetsky)

Application of flexible AC power transmission lines to improve the performance of electric power systems (S.N. Edemsky)

Department «Physics and environmental engineering protection»

Tatyana S. Mauricheva

Search and development of technical solutions for creation of economical and environmentally friendly technologies (Research advisor– PhD (Technical sciences) T.I. Belozerova)

Department «Physical education and sport» 

Vladimir N. Olin

Biomechanics of locomotion: the study of the rhythmic-tempo structure of the run of students-athletes of various specializations (Research advisor – PhD (Pedagogy) V.N. Olin)

Technology of adaptive physical training (Research advisor – PhD (Pedagogy) E.V. Sabirova)

Statistical research (Research advisor – PhD (Pedagogy) A.V. Bykov)

Department «Information systems and technologies»

Alexander A. Butin

Maintenance of high-performance computations of aerodynamic models for the escape of protective gases in welding processes (Research advisor is PhD ( Physics and Maths) I.A. Miklyaev (the work is carried out jointly with the Department of Shipbuilding and Welding)

Structural-substantial and scientific-methodical bases of using information technologies in training of the sound culture of speech in preschool children (Research advisor – PhD (Pedagogy) S.M. Potapenko (the work is carried out jointly with the Department of Psychology and Psychophysiology of the Humanitarian Institute)

Universal database structures (Research advisor - PhD ( Physics and Maths) I.A. Miklyaev)

Information support of the life cycle of shipbuilding products (Research advisor – PhD (Economic Sciences) A.A. Butin)

Research laboratories (RL):

  1. RL «Energy» (head – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor О.D. Myuller)

  2. RL «Technical diagnostics of marine equipment» (head – PhD (Technical Sciences), Professor А.I. Lyichakov)

  3. RL « Shipbuilding technology and ship’s metrics» 

Updated 27.04.2017