Specialties and directions

280700.62 Technosphere Safety

Qualifications – Bachelor.

Profile: Life safety in Technosphere

Education period – 4 years;

Admission tests - Mathematics, Russian, Physics.

The graduate works in the field of design, construction, maintenance, reconstruction, repair, modernization, preservation and liquidation of hazardous production facilities; manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities; examination of industrial safety.

Profile: Fire safety

Education period - 4 years.

Admission tests - Mathematics, Russian, Physics.

The graduate works on facilities associated with fire risk, industries, insurance companies (technical audit of fire), power plants, gas stations.

Profile: population protection in emergency situations.

Education period – 4 years.

Admission tests - Mathematics, Russian, Physics.

The graduate will have theoretical and practical skills to conduct monitoring of protective and rescue equipment, to define the areas of high risk in the man-made environment, to participate in different research projects, to implement theoretical, computational and experimental studies aimed at developing new methods and systems for protection of human in emergency situations, to calculate technical and economic effectiveness of measures aimed at prevention and elimination of consequences of accidents and disasters, to analyze the negative factors and technosphere risk of modern production, to perform calculations using the computer to select the operating mode of protective systems, to develop projects of territorial defense and elimination of consequences of accidents, natural disasters and natural phenomena.

Our graduates work can in the Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Archangelsk region, in local authorities, in leading industrial enterprises of the region and abroad, in organizations involved in the design and examination of hazardous industrial facilities.

040400.62 Social Work

Profile: Social Work

Education period - 4 years full-time, 5 years part-time.

Admission tests - History, Social Studies, Russian.

Occupational field of the graduate:

Public employment service, migration service, emergency, penitentiary system, enterprises, companies (state, private, public, industrial, agricultural companies), security forces, educational system, health care and psychological care, culture, retirement system , social services, social protection, social and legal patronage.

The objects of professional activity of the graduate:

Individuals, families and community groups that need social support, assistance, protection and social services, groups of social institutions, social organizations (foundations, associations, unions), professionals and agencies, organizations of social services, social security, retirement, health care, education, culture, social oriented business.

Graduate programs:

  • “Social work with different groups of population”. Full-time (2 years).
  • International magistracy “Comparative Social Work”

040700.62 Social work with young people.

Education period – 4 years (full-time).

Admission tests - History, Russian language, Social Studies.

Occupational field of a graduate includes implementation of youth policy in the field of labor, law, politics, science, education, culture and sports, communication, healthcare.

The graduates work in the administration of the Arkhangelsk region, in local authorities, in various institutions of social support etc.

Updated 16.05.2013