Research profile

Due to current economic, social and environmental conditions of the Arkhangelsk region, core tasks of scientific research in the institute include the following ones:

In the field of integrated security at industrial facilities and in the whole region:

  • Implementation of research projects connected to assess and risk management of fire and explosion hazards on technological processes in the Arkhangelsk region.
  • Development of integrated logistics subsystems for monitoring and modeling of causes and consequences of emergencies.
  • Creation of databases for dangerous industrial objects and objects of life support systems.
  • Organization and conduction of monitoring of social defense of population and territories (fire defense and population protection in emergency situations).
In the field of fire defense:
  • Mathematical modeling of combustion and explosion processes with the purpose of development and modernization of technical methods and organizational activities for the industries connected to mining and processing of hydrocarbons.
  • Analysis of properties of substances and construction materials when using them in the conditions of Far North.
  • Development of tactical plans and methods of fire extinguishing at low temperatures.
In the field of population protection in emergency situations:
  • Planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of fire-fighting and rescue teams.
  • Improvement of the system of radiation monitoring and emergency response in the Arkhangelsk region.
  • Identification of radionuclide composition and measurement of gamma-emitting radionuclides in the objects of unknown or complex composition.
  • Development of the project of implementation of system for automated video monitoring of forest and water bodies in the Arkhangelsk region.
  • Creation of complexes for emergency response in the Far North.
  • Development of methods for monitoring of the flood situation in order to improve the effectiveness of preventive measures.
  • Development of equipment for ice breaking.
  • Use of sonar equipment for cartography and monitoring of ice.


Research fields

Research Supervisor

Integrated Safety Institute

Core research area: Complex safety as a priority issue of the national policy in the Arctic (emergency response, natural hazards, social security)

Mikhail Busin, Director, PhD in Pedagogy


Elena Golubeva, Deputy Director on International Cooperation

Mob.: 8 921 720 43 11



  • Department of social work and social security
  • Topical aspects of North population quality of life within the context of social work
  • Dynamics of historical and social processes in the North
  • Social security of health and healthcare
  • Social status of family at the modern stage
  • Social work with the youth

Raisa Danilova, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor


  • Department of civil protection and Department of industrial safety

  • Mathematical modeling of combustion and explosion processes for developing and modernization of engineering solutions and organizational arrangements under low temperatures for the manufactures related to hydrocarbon production and processing
  • Improving the system of radiation monitoring and emergency response in the Arkhangelsk Region
  • Developing all-terrain mobile complexes for emergency response in the conditions of the Arctic
  • Analyzing properties of substances and construction materials when operation in the Arctic aiming at improvement of methods and research modeling of combustion processes
  • Evaluating and managing the risks related to fire and explosion hazardous technological processes in the Arkhangelsk Region

Mikhail Busin, PhD in Pedagogy


Evgeny Tsarev, PhD in Technical Sciences, Professor


  • Studying issues of caving (shore cutting)

Aleksey Klimov, Deputy Director on educational and methodological issues

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-00 (ext. 2518)


Updated 13.11.2013