Integrated Safety Institute

The institute was founded in April 2012 with the aim of training in the field of industrial safety and arrangement of population in emergency situations. The institute conducts scientific research, develops new effective methods of fighting fires at industrial facilities and in communities.

Our Institute aims to train professionals involved in projects related to the development of the Arctic region, because safety and organization of life in the Far North has features. The institute operates volunteer fire-fighting and rescue student group "Pomor-spas" and volunteer fire brigades that allow students to practice their theoretical knowledge and skills.

The institute also trains specialists in the field of social work with the population; they are necessary for the implementation of state youth policy.

In addition to educational activities, the Institute carries out scientific and expert support of different projects.

The institute comprises the following departments:

  • Department of industrial safety. Direction “Technosphere safety” (profile “Life safety in technosphere”).
  • Department of civil protection. Direction “Technosphere safety” (profiles “Fire safety” and “Arrangement in emergency situations”).
  • Department of social work and social security. Direction “Social work” and “Organization of work with young people”.
  • Engineering center that performs examinations of design documentation, equipment and constructions at hazardous production facilities.
  • Center for fire-fighting and rescue training. Performs education, organization of practical training (combat duties) on the basis of the existing fire stations, volunteer fire-fighting and rescue group “Pomor-spas” and rescue services of Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk region.
  • Center for improvement of rescue skills. Implements educational programs on the basics of work on marine offshore facilities, including preparedness for emergency situations (firefighting, leaving the sinking helicopter, the use of collective life-saving equipment, water surviving techniques), trains crew members for sporting and pleasure boats, small crafts. The center also trains state inspectors on small vessels.

The institute comprises four specialized laboratories, including those based on the fire laboratory EMERCOM in Arkhangelsk region and CMC EMERCOM in Archangelsk region. It is planned to open 4 new specialized laboratories till 2015.

Updated 16.05.2013