030600.62 “History”

Degree: “Bachelor of History”

Our students study a wide range of social and humanitarian subjects, a second foreign language and a set of specialized courses on the use of information technology in research and teaching. During the program our students also use archival, museum and archaeological practices.

Numerous elective courses allow the students to deepen their knowledge on one of the following directions: History and culture of the Russian North, Political history of Russia, American studies and Scandinavian studies.

Fields of professional activity of graduates: education, research, culture, organization and management.

05010.62 “Teaching Education: History”

Degree: “Bachelor of Teaching Education: History”

Our students get comprehensive education that includes a wide range of social and humanitarian subjects, a second foreign language and a set of specialized courses on the use of information technology in research and teaching. During the program our students also use archival, museum, archaeological and pedagogical practices.

During the course our students not only study ancient history, history of Russia and the world, but also get the skills of independent scientific research. They also practice their theoretical knowledge: the students use museum, archival, archaeological and teaching practices.

Our graduates work in the following areas:

  • Education (secondary and vocational schools, gymnasiums, high schools);
  • Research (university labs, research centers, libraries, archives, museums);
  • Culture (cultural institutions);
  • Think Tank (think tanks, non-governmental and governmental organizations);
  • Organization and management (government, local authorities).

033000.62 “Cultural Studies ” (Bachelor)

Degree: "Bachelor of Cultural Studies"

Occupational field of a graduate includes cultural studies, social and humanitarian knowledge, cultural policy and management of cultural and natural heritage, mass communication, education.

The objects of professional activity of graduates: fundamental problems of theory and history of culture; cultural forms; processes and practices in past and present; cultural and natural heritage; methods of production of cultural values and means of their distribution, consolidation and consumption; forms and methods of mass communication; interpersonal and cross-cultural interaction; cultural education.

Employment opportunities:

  • Application of theoretical and practical knowledge in various areas of cultural studies (research activities, research centers and scientific directions);
  • Work in state institutions and public organizations involved in cultural management (bodies of federal, regional and municipal governments);
  • Development and implementation of projects connected to preservation of cultural and natural heritage (national parks, museums, nature reserves, open-air museums, monuments protection society);
  • Consulting work in advertising and news agencies, travel agencies, government, community and business organizations, cultural institutions (museums, theaters, exhibition halls, archives);
  • Realization of social or cultural programs and projects in mass communication system;
  • Development and implementation of artistic and creative ideas and art programs (art groups, cultural centers, houses of creativity);
  • Work in private and public educational institutions (schools, universities, art schools).

033300.62 “Religious Studies”

Degree: “Bachelor of Religious Studies”

Occupational field of a graduate includes fundamental theoretical training of students and comprehensive study of innovative approaches and methods for the study of religion.

The objects of professional activity of bachelors of religious studies:

  • Technological support and counseling in education;
  • Description of museum exhibits and conducting tours;
  • Cataloging religious materials and literature in libraries and achieves;
  • Consultation and provision of materials on religion to mass media;
  • General and scientific editing of religious and theological literature in different publishing houses;
  • Cooperation with various religious organizations.

Interdisciplinary nature of religious studies greatly enhances employment opportunities for our graduates. After graduating you can easily find a job in government agencies that work with religious issues, become an independent expert or a journalist covering religion. And, of course, you can pursue a career in academia by entering a postgraduate program.

040100.62 “Sociology”

Degree: “Bachelor of Sociology”

Sociologist is a specialist who deals with the main strategic resource of the present – information. A good sociologist is skilled enough to know the methodology and techniques of sociological research, development and use of sociological prognostication; he knows how to use computer technologies to process information and how to make sociological analysis of contemporary social problems.

Our graduates work in:

  • analytical sociological centers, enterprises , firms and consulting firms;
  • governmental bodies, election companies and election technology centers.

030100.62 Philosophy

(Bachelor of Philosophy)

Education is focused on scientific research of indigenous philosophical, methodological and axiological problems that modern civilization faces. It is also focused on participation in the work of authorities, civil society organizations, business structures with the aim of scientific and informational support of their activities. The specialist in philosophy is skilled enough for activities that require fundamental knowledge, for scientific research and educational activities.

Our graduates work in:

  • secondary and higher education;
  • mass media and cultural institutions;
  • the government and local authorities.

031600.62 “Advertising and Public Relations”

Degree: “Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations”

Occupational field of a graduate includes creation of print and audiovisual advertising, planning and conduction of advertising campaigns and other measures that can improve the image of organization or a public authority. The specialist in advertising can also manage advertising services and agencies, press-services, PR-departments, plan and implement the information policy of organizations, etc.

In addition to social, humanitarian and natural sciences our students study:

  • Theory and practice of mass media,
  • Foundations of public relations,
  • Theory and practice of advertising and advertising in mass media,
  • Public relations in business, politics, government,
  • Basis of management, marketing, media planning,
  • Finance and credit etc.

Our students use practices in advertising agencies, mass media, press-services, personnel management services, departments of advertising in enterprises, etc.

031300.62 “Journalism”

Degree: “Bachelor of Journalism”

Our graduates are able to understand the social role and the social mission of journalism in a democratic society, the main functions and principles of mass media. The journalist can efficiently write a text of any genre or format that may be published in any media platform, he can also edit a printed text or a video-, audio-, internet recording and bring it into line with main standards, formats and technology requirements of different types of mass media.

Fields of professional activity of a graduate:

  • Mass media (press, TV, radio, news agencies and online media);
  • Information and communication sector related to mass media (publishing houses, press-services, advertising and PR-agencies).

031900.62 “International Affairs”

Degree: “Bachelor of International Affairs”

The graduate can work as assistant or expert in international divisions, departments and foreign missions of the Russian Consulate; work as reporters, translators in mass-media; perform professional activities in organizations and institutions of various forms of ownership in the area of foreign policy and foreign trade. The graduate may also find a job in government bodies, in education, science or culture facilities, in Russian and foreign business organizations related to international issues.

Our graduates have all theoretical and practical skills that are necessary for diplomatic, administrative, research, communication and design activities.

032000.62 – “Foreign Regional Studies”

Degree: “Bachelor of Foreign Regional Studies”

Our graduates possess extensive knowledge of economy, politics and culture of the countries of Northern Europe. They are able to:

  • build business communication with foreign partners (in Russian or foreign languages),
  • work as consultants or assistant secretaries in government bodies responsible for foreign policy,
  • promote the interests of local and foreign business organizations,
  • work in the departments of international relations in government agencies, enterprises and organizations, institutions of science and culture,

The graduates can use internships and study abroad through grants; they can also take postgraduate courses in Russia and abroad.

Updated 11.05.2013