Research profile

The main goals of all research activities of the Institute of pedagogics and psychology:

  • development of fundamental and applied, economic, scientific, pedagogical, psychological and social research;
  • application of newly gained scientific knowledge in social, educational and economic spheres of Russia, the North-Arctic region.

The main directions of research activities of the Institute:

  • Lomonosov studies;
  • Modeling of the system «lifelong studying» in the North-Arctic region;
  • Psychological, educational and social support for human development in the North-Arctic region;
  • Psychology of intergenerational relations as a source of human development in the North-Arctic region;
  • Inclusive education in the European North;
  • Psychology of work in the Arctic;
  • Ethnopsychological and ethnopedagogical problens of childhood in the North-Arctic region.

Research of the Institute is carried out in close collaboration with scientists from leading universities of Russia:

  • Russian State Pedagogical University (professor L. Regush, prof. E. Piskunov, prof. D. Medvedev, prof. N. Vershinina, prof. Tryapitsyna and others);
  • St. Petersburg State University (prof. N. Bordovskaya, V. Byzova, Assoc. A. Nasledov);
  • P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University (prof. A. Povarenkov);
  • Moscow City University of Psychology and Education (prof. L. Obukhov);
  • M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (prof. Strelkov);
  • Russian State University for the Humanities (prof. E. Kravtsova);
  • Russian Academy of Education (prof. A. Oreshkina, prof. Novikov, etc.);
  • «Institute of Teacher Education», St. Petersburg (prof. I. Sokolov).


Research fields

Research Supervisor

Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

Core research areas:

  • Actual problems of psychological and pedagogical support of children with special educational needs
  • Psychology of the activity subject in the North-Arctic Region
  • Psychology of intergenerational relations
  • Individual-typological features and specific characteristics of speech impairment of children with disabilities
  • Life quality in the Northern regions within the social work context
  • Scientific and methodological support of innovative pedagogical activities in initial general education
  • Ethno-psychological and ethno-pedagogical problems of childhood in the Arctic Region
  • Psychology of shift work in the Arctic
  • Developing inclusive education in the North

Irina Skovorodkina, Director, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 64-49-98

Lyudmila Orlova, Deputy Director on International Cooperation

Nadezhda Gluschevskaya, Deputy Director on academic affairs


  • Department of elementary education techniques
  • Scientific and methodological provision of innovational pedagogical activities within the general elementary education

Svetlana Bulanova, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 27-23-50

  • Department of special pedagogy and psychology
  • Developing modern system of inclusive education in the European North of Russia (including international experience)

Olga Volskaya, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor


  • Department of speech therapy
  • Psychological and psychological and physiological grounds of ontogeny and dysontogenesis of speech

Elena Shlay,

PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor


  • Department of elementary education pedagogy and social pedagogy
  • Psychological and pedagogical support of childhood: subject approach

Irina Marakushina, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor


  • Department of pedagogy, psychology and professional education
  • Conceptual grounds of providing personal security within the educational space of Euro-Arctic Region

Tatyana Butorina, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor


  • Department of pedagogy
  • Innovational potential of pedagogical education as a resource of circumpolar territory sustainable development

Svetlana Schyokina,

PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor


  • Department psychology
  • Psychology of the activity subject in the North-Arctic Region

Natalia Simonova,

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor


Updated 07.11.2013