Specialties and directions

Bachelor programs:

1) 050100 “Physical education” Bachelor of pedagogical education

The graduate is willing to use modern techniques and technologies of training, to provide the highest level professional training that meets state standards. He is also able to use the methods of physical education to improve the health of students. The area of professional activity of the graduate includes education, social services and culture.

2) 034400 Bachelor of “Physical education for people with disabilities (Adaptive physical education)”

The graduates are prepared for work with people with variations in health status (including disabled). The specialist in this direction can organize and conduct classes for different types of adaptive physical education: adaptive physical education, adaptive sports, physical rehabilitation and creative forms of extreme physical activity.

Professional activity is implemented in various institutions and organizations such as different educational facilities for children and students with disabilities, fitness and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, rest homes, health and fitness structures of national parks and recreation lands, travel clubs. The occupational field of the graduate includes pedagogical anthropology, where he is able to give the learner the skills necessary for a lifetime of rich leisure, recreation, and sport experiences to enhance physical fitness and wellness.

3) 034300 Bachelor of “Physical education”

The occupational field of the graduate includes education in physical culture, sport, recreation and motor rehabilitation, health promotion, services, tourism, management, research and survey work, execution skills. The graduate works with different people that are engaged in physical activities, sports as well as with potential consumers of fitness and sports activities. Our graduate aims to motivate people to make healthy lifestyle changes by fostering mental and physical condition of the person, development of a variety of motor skills and related knowledge.

Master programs:

4) Pedagogical education “Theory and technology of physical education”.

5) Physical education “Medical and biological support of physical culture and sports”.

Students life

The life of students in the Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Health is diverse and interesting. The students have theoretical and practical trainings, teaching practice in schools and summer camps. They also participate in scientific conferences.

Students and teachers implement various creative projects such as sporting events and concerts: “Holidays on the water”, “Golden Autumn”, “New Year’s eve”, “Day of Defenders of the Fatherland”, “International Women’s Day”, “Last ring”, “Freshman’s day”, “Day of the facility” and many others.

The Institute collaborates with many public organizations that give students an opportunity to organize and conduct various events and to assist them as volunteers.

Updated 22.05.2013