Research profile

Scientific work of the institute focuses on Current Challenges of PE, Athletic Physiology and Biomechanics. The head of research is Valery Chernozemov, Doctor of Medical Science, professor.

The institute also implements research into:

  • The study of transformation of physical capacity in the living conditions of the European North with a view to determine the strategy in the field of physical education and sports;
  • Energy provision and biomechanics of aquatic and terrestrial locomotion of human;
  • Creating valuables of motivational sphere of physical education;
  • Psychophysiological aspects of physical education and sports in the circumpolar and Arctic regions.


Research fields

Research Supervisor

Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Health

Common research areas:

  • Topical issues of physical education, physiology of sport and bio-mechanics;
  • Children of the North: health, growth, development;
  • Physical culture and health issues of students in the circumpolar areas;
  • Complex studies of special aspects and psychology and pedagogical support of physical education and sport training

Sergey Sukhanov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 68-37-81

Anna Zelyanina, Deputy Director on International Cooperation

Mob.: 8 921 246 07 96

  • Department of sport disciplines

Common research filed: Topical issues of physical education, physiology of sport and bio-mechanics:

  • Studying common factors of metabolic energy generation and transformation into effectiveness of ski racers, biathletes, speed-skaters, other athletes

Alexander Chikov, Associate Professor


(in cooperation with I.Korelskaya, I.Karkavtseva)

  • Evaluating effectiveness of sport swimming and sport training methods

Grigoriy Puchinsky,


  • Developing special coordination skills

Alexander Oshomkov, Associate Professor


  • Department of adaptive physical culture and physiology

Children of the North: health, growth, development:

  • Physiological characteristics of the Northerners with un-differentiated dysplasia of connective tissue at the ascending stage of ontogenesis among 6-18 years old children

Elena Sinitskaya, Associate Professor


  • Hydro-rehabilitation of children with lateral curvature to strengthen pectoral muscle sling of children with locomotor system disabilities

Anna Sungurova, Trainer

Tel.: 8 (8182) 68-33-26 (ext. 116)

  • Viscelar syndrome in case of initial stage lateral curvature among school children

Valery Chernozyomov, Professor


  • Flowmetric factors of external respiration among juniors with lateral curvature of 1 and 2 stage

Marina Abramova, Trainer


  • Department of physical culture theory

Common research field: Complex studies of special aspects and psychology and pedagogical support of physical education and sport training

  • Special aspects of psychomotor development and physical training of children and youth with different physical health abilities

Natalia Lukmanova, PhD in Biology, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 41-28-03
Mob.: 8 921 483 18 68

Research on forming the positive attitude to healthy behavior among upper-form pupils

Georgy Patrikeev, Associate Professor


Psychodynamic functions and mental health of students engaged in sport activities

Valery Balyuk, Trainer


Graphic modeling of processes and phenomena in professional activity of future teachers

Tatyana Sofronova, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 64-37-50

Analysis of personality improvement ideas within the P.F.Lesgaft’s pedagogical heritage

Tatyana Kopeykina, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182)683781
Mob.: 8 921 2404381

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