Institute of Professional Development&Retraining

Institute of Professional Development and Retraining was established in 2001 as a department of the Arkhangelsk State Technical University. The main activity of the Institute – implementation of supplementary professional educational programs with the issuance of state-recognized documents.

List of programs of the Institute:

  • Retraining programs (500 hours)
  • Professional Development (72 hours)
  • Timber Complex
  • Open-Cast Mining
  • Other areas
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Fuel and Energy Complex and Housing
  • Transportation
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Short-term seminars and workshops on urgent questions of Economics and Management (72 hours)
  • “Environmental Safety”
  • “Labor protection and Fire Safety” (72 hours)
  • “Road Safety and Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Various Trades
  • Geodesy
  • Mining sector
  • Oil and gas industry

Modern surveys show that the greatest success stories come from those organizations that are engaged in professional development and retraining of the employees and spend sufficient funds for that. The value of personnel rises with professional and personal growth of every employee. Therefore, investment in staff development is investment in the company itself.

Our advantages:

  • High professional level of the faculty;
  • Individual training programs for companies and enterprises managers;
  • Consulting activities;
  • Continuing monitoring of the training quality and assessment at the end of the course;
  • International cooperation in the implementation of joint programs of supplementary professional education;
  • The right to issue state-recognized documents.

On graduation the students receive state-recognized documents. The educational programs may be supplemented and modified in accordance with the specific production requirements and prospects of the customer company. Retraining in the customer’s company on pre-agreed programs and terms is also possible. The classes are conducted by not only university academics, but also by the best specialists from the public services and companies with extensive practical experience.

International activities:

Our main partner is Folkuniversitetet from Uppsala, Sweden.

Main principle for co-operation is long term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Potential Areas for Cooperation:

  1. Implementation of joint educational programs;
  2. Partnership in international projects;
  3. Training of trainers;
  4. Short term seminars for top-managers by foreign experts;
  5. Exchange of experience in the field of commercialization of technologies.
Updated 05.08.2015