Department of Theory and Practice of Translation

Head of the Department: Nadezhda Tarasova, Ph.D. (Philology), Associate Professor

Address: 7 Smolny Buyan St., Room 300, Arkhangelsk

The Department of Theory and Practice of Translation was founded in January, 2001 following the launch of Translation and Translation Studies program. Department’s educational activity is training professional translators and interpreters with major in English, German and French and minor in one of the above languages or, alternatively, one of BEAR languages.

Instruction in theoretical and applied translation courses is carried out by teachers having rich academic background of working in well-known European translation schools and a lot of practical experience.

Core courses:

  • Introduction to Translation Studies
  • Translation Theory (General)
  • Translation Theory (Language specific)
  • Practical Course of Interpreting
  • Practical Course of Translation

Field-Specific Translator Training Disciplines and Electives:

  • Shorthand
  • Translation of Profession-specific Texts
  • Translation of Specialized Texts
  • Translation in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Translation in Geology
  • Translation in Economy
  • Translation in Business
  • Technical Translation
  • Translation of Patents
  • Translation of Documents
  • Translation in Machine Building
  • Foreign Language in Tourism and Hotel Business
  • Foreign Language for Business Purposes
  • Region-specific Translation: Arctic Region Economy and Geography
  • Region-specific Translation: Arctic region History and Culture
  • Russian to Foreign Language Translation
  • Intercultural Issues in Translation

Department Staff:

  • Olga Shpyakina – Ph.D. (Philology), Associate Professor, Head of the Department
  • Lira Aleksandrova – Ph.D. (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Larisa Zaichenko – Ph.D. (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Zhanna Gosteva – Ph.D. (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Nadezhda Tarasova – Ph.D. (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Evgeni Molodychenko – Ph.D. (Philology), Lecturer, Deputy Director for International Cooperation
  • Polina Chernova – Ph.D. (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Tatyana Kochegarova – Lecturer
  • Maria Churkina – Teaching Fellow
  • Julia Drakunova – Teaching Fellow
  • Julia Druzhinina – Teaching Fellow, Office manager
  • Evgenia Zemtsovskaya – Graduate Teaching Fellow
  • Ksenia Mironova – Ph.D. (Philology), Lecturer
Updated 11.05.2013