Department of Literature

Head of the Department: Marina Yelepova, PhD (Philology), Professor.

Address: 7 Smolny Buyan St., Room 200, Arkhangelsk


The Department was founded in 1938. The Department’s research focus is in the so called ‘philosophical philology’ associated with new and promising approach to literary issues which draws upon the works of A.F. Losev, M.M. Bakhtin, S.S. Averintsev and others.

Department’s two major research fields are:

  1. Northern Text of Russian Literature, a study led by Professor Elena Galimova, Ph.D. Research is conducted in a northern text study laboratory facility.
  2. Domestic Literary Research in the Context of Contemporary Russian Language and Literature Studies, led by Professor Marina Elepova, Ph.D.

The Department offers 2 Master programs and one Ph.D. program.

Core Courses:

  • History of the Russian Literature
  • History of the Foreign Literature
  • History of the Russian Literary Criticism;
  • Literature Theory;
  • Literature Teaching Methods;
  • Literary Country Studies;
  • Literary Text Analysis;
  • Contemporary issues of Philology;
  • History of the French Literature;
  • History of the German Literature;
  • Children’s Literature;
  • Children’s Literature and Literary Studies Fundamentals;
  • Russian North Literature and Folklore;
  • American Literature;

Department Staff

  • Marina Elepova – Ph.D.(Doctoral and Postdoctoral), Professor, Head of the Department
  • Elena Galimova – Ph.D.(Doctoral and Postdoctoral), Professor
  • Natalia Drannikova – Ph.D.(Doctoral and Postdoctoral), Professor
  • Lyudmila Reznichenko – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Galina Polyakova – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Olga Plakhtienko – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Natalia Zakharova – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Elena Vaenskaya – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Alyona Davydova - Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Oksana Alekseeva – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Elena Antonova – Ph.D., Lecturer
  • Elena Kolesnichenko – Teaching Fellow
  • Sergei Menshikov – Teaching and Studies Adviser
  • Irina Menshikova – Office Manager
  • Ekaterina Rykova – Teaching and Studies Adviser
Updated 11.05.2013