Department of History of the Russian Language and Dialectology

Head of the Department: Tatyana Pleshkova, Ph.D. (Philology), Professor

Address: 7 Smolny Buyan St., Room 205, Arkhangelsk.

Tel.: 68-31-72


The Department of History of the Russian Language and Dialectology has a large dialect lexical file that has been collected over several decades by lecturers and students of the Department in the course of expeditions to pristine locations of Arkhangelsk region which till present day have preserved their unique culture and dialects.

The dialect lexical file is of great cultural, research and educational value. The file is used in both teaching and research work. File data is used in creating a computerized tutorial system under editorship of O. Getsova.

Core Courses:

  • Introduction to Slavonic Philology
  • Russian Dialectology
  • Historic Grammar of the Russian Language
  • The Old Slavonic Language
  • The Church Slavonic Language
  • Russian Paleography
  • Pre-Slavonic Phonology
  • History of the Russian Literary Language
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Current issues of Philology and Philological Education
  • Current issues of Foreign Philology
  • Old Greek
  • Latin
  • Russian Language Teaching Methods

International Project Arkhangelsk (Russia) – Poznań (Poland)

The key objective of Arkhangelsk – Poznań project is to lay ground for educational and research programs that aim at training qualified linguists in Polish Philology and Slavic Philology.

International cooperation on Arkhangelsk – Poznań project impacts research focus of the whole department. Russian and Polish are cognate languages closely entwined in their development which gives a lot of space for research in the field of contrastive linguistics Suffice it to mention, that over the last five years Adam Mickiewicz University M.A.s did 25 master theses (12 of which address contrastive linguistics issues). Professor T. Pleshkova was the research advisor in all the cases.

International cooperation on the project is the driving force for the research done at the faculty and is a major source of improvement for teaching students of Polish, first, through instruction and advising done by Polish native-speakers at the faculty and, second, through broad academic mobility opportunities.

As of today, major accomplishments of the project are the following: the faculty saw its first M.A.s in Slavic linguistics, faculty students from 1st through 4th year had international experience of spending a semester at Adam Mickiewicz University, and nine master’s theses were done by Adam Mickiewicz University students, with NARFU Professor being their research advisor.

Department Staff

  • Tatyana Pleshkova – Ph.D. (Doctoral and Postdoctoral, Philology), Professor, Head of the Department of History of the Russian language and Dialectology
  • Andrei Petrov – Ph.D. (Doctoral and Postdoctoral, Philology), Associate Professor
  • Larisa Nenasheva – Ph.D. (Doctoral and Postdoctoral, Philology), Associate Professor
  • Natalya Drannikova – Ph.D. (Doctoral and Postdoctoral, Philology), Professor
  • Elena Korostenko – Lecturer
  • Lyudmila Fetyukova – Lecturer
  • Valeria Varyukhina – Graduate Teaching Fellow, Office Manager
Updated 11.05.2013