Department of the French Language

Head of the Department: Irina Gradova, Ph. D. (Philology), Associate Professor

Address: 7 Smolny Buyan, Room 305, Arkhangelsk

Telephone: +7 (8182) 660588


The Department of the French language was founded in 1965. There’s a French Embassy-backed French Language Resource Center at the Department. The Department is closely cooperating with Upper Alsace University (UHA) in Mulhouse, France in academic and research fields. As a part of this project Department staff teach Russian in UHA. Another line of project development is holding seminars for French lecturers and teachers from Archangelsk and Arkhangelsk region.

In 2010 The International Examination Center of the French Language DELF/DALF was established.

Since 2009 the Department of the French Language has been holding summer school of the Russian language for French students. The initiative has been backed by Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Strasbourg.

Since 1996 the Department has been offering a Ph.D. program

Core Courses:

  • Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • Introduction into Romance Linguistics
  • History of the French Language
  • Latin
  • Lexicology
  • Methods of Language Teaching (French)
  • Theory and Practice of Language Teaching
  • Practical Communication Course
  • Practical Course of French
  • Stylistics
  • Country studies
  • Theoretical Grammar
  • Theoretical Phonetics


  • Interpretation of Literary Text
  • Teaching French at Starter Level
  • Syntax of the Romance Languages
  • Introduction into Business Correspondence in French

Research Areas:

  • The traditional French lexicography and its unconventional forms
  • The functional semantic category of obligation
  • Methods of teaching children of preschool and school age
  • Methods of teaching of Latin
  • Semantic, stylistic and structural features of literary text
  • Ellipsis in modern French
  • Methods of teaching French to 1 and 2 year students with French major
  • Learning communicative behavior in 3-language study situation (the case of English and French)

Department Staff:


Degree, position

Contact information

Irina Gvozdeva

Teaching Fellow

Irina Gradova

Ph. D., Associate Professor, Head of the Department of the French Language,

Natalia Ershova

Teaching Fellow

Tatyana Ershova


Olga Kotyukova

Teaching and Studies Specialist

Anna Larkina

Ph. D. (Philology), Lecturer

Valentina Minina

Associate Professor

Inna Terebikhina

Teaching Fellow

Lubov Tyarasova

Associate Professor

Updated 11.05.2013