Department of Foreign Languages

Head of the Department - Maria Koptyaeva, Ph.D. (Language Pedagogy), Associate Professor

Address: 21 Severnaya Dvina Emb., Room 2514, Arkhangelsk, Russia,

Tel.: +7 (8182) 21-89-26


The Department does English, French, and German language teaching for over than two thousand students – both full-timers and part-timers – of different Institutes at NARFU. Department’s teaching staples are communication, language for professional purposes and international educational standards. For the Department teaching a foreign language is not only a matter of knowledge and skills transfer but mostly a matter of good human relations between students and teachers. Department students are those who are confident and enthusiastic about their language skills because they are well aware that a foreign language is a great competitive advantage in 21-century job market.

The Department of Foreign Languages was founded in 1931. Experienced linguists such as the Head of the Department L. Seleznyova who studied German in Germany, Switzerland and Austria-Hungary, Senior Lecturer O. Lukhacher who studied at the Sorbonne, T. Medyantseva, A. Kochneva, Z. Junkevich led the establishment of the department. Their ideas were followed by V. Lazarev, E. Ephimovsky, G. Kuznetsov, L. Lazareva, N. Milenina.

At the end of the 1950s V. Lazarev, an experienced lecturer in English, became the Head of the Department. Working in collaboration with the lecturers of the Department G. Kuznetsov, G. Zhukov, E. -Ephimovsky, N. Milenina, I. Chesnokova, L. Lazareva, T. Latkina, R. Pets, Z. Vargasova, E. Vorobyeva, E. Miklina and others, he began to methodize the course of Practical Grammar and work out study guides.

In the 1960s V. Nagel, E. Vorobyeva, L. Potylitsyna, L. Azovskaya, L. Sizemina, R. Svetlichnaya, T. Istomina, N. Bobrysheva, I. Popova, A. Surovtseva, N. Kaverina, I. Aphanasyeva, L. Korelskaya joined the staff of the Department.

N. Milenina made a major contribution to the development of the Department. An ambitious and active lecturer in English, she had worked for four years at the University of Calcutta and at the Center for Russian Studies of the J. Nehru University in New Delhi. N. Milenina had been the Head of the Department for 17 years.

An experienced senior lecturer and translator, G. Kuznetsov became the Head of the Department at the end of 1980s. For a long time E. Ephimovsky had been the Head of the German Language Section, and G. Zhukova had been the Head of the English language Section.

In the1980s-90s N. Korelskaya, L. Zima, O. Skhabitskaya, I. Manankova, E. Guryeva, T. Kasimova, M. Koptyaeva, O. Oleynik, N. Yelsakova joined the staff of the Department.

A. Surovtseva, a lecturer in German who undertook an internship for University administrative staff at the University of Berlin and Bonn and a refresher course at the F. Schiller University of Jena, was the head of the department from1994 to 2005.

Nowadays more than three thousand students study English, German and French at the Department of Foreign Languages at NArFU. It should be pointed out that the students are well motivated, enthusiastic and interested in learning foreign languages. They are sure that knowledge of foreign languages is a significant advantage in the international labour market in the 21st century. Many students achieve great results during their studies and later they often come back to the Department to work as Masters, PhDs and Candidates for a degree.

Foreign languages become gradually an important part in the process of growing partnership between NArFU and European Universities. The University administration and the Department of the Foreign Languages aim to create good conditions for students to learn foreign languages. Russia is a participant of the Bologna process, and this makes it possible for our students to feel absolutely confident in any European country with a diploma received in Russia. It is obvious that participation in the Bologna process will not only increase the level of academic mobility but it will encourage quality and efficiency improvement of foreign language teaching and students’ skills.

That’s why the main purpose of the Department in the nearest future is to achieve the international level of student training. It is the path to success for the Department. Modern requirements on high level standards of teaching of foreign languages make our lecturers improve their language skills. Professors and lecturers upgrade their skills at the NArFU as well as at the best Russian Universities. Lecturers take part in academic mobility. Experienced lecturers, creative atmosphere, enthusiasm and love of their profession and for their students are the most important parts of successful work of the Department.

The staff of the Department are full of creative ideas, excited about their future and hope that the following generations of lecturers will continue the great traditions of the Department.

Department Staff:

  • Maria Koptyaeva – Ph.D. (Language Pedagogy), Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages
  • Elena Anisimova – Lecturer
  • Nina Bagretsova – Lecturer
  • Olga Bessert – Ph.D. (Language Pedagogy), Associate Professor
  • Svetlana Glebytcheva – Teaching Fellow
  • Larisa Gnevasheva – Teaching Fellow
  • Elena Gurjeva – Lecturer
  • Anastasia Demidovskaya - Ph.D. (Language Pedagogy), Associate Professor
  • Natalia Elsakova – Lecturer
  • Zhanna Elukova - Ph.D. (Language Pedagogy), Associate Professor
  • Diana Ermolina – Teaching Fellow
  • Lyubov Zima – Lecturer
  • Tatyana Kasimova – Ph.D. (Language Pedagogy), Associate Professor
  • Natalia Korelskaya – Lecturer
  • Olga Krivonogova – Lecturer
  • Irina Manankova – Lecturer
  • Valentina Novikova – Lecturer
  • Svetlana Pestovskaya – Lecturer
  • Elena Safronenkova – Teaching Fellow
  • Natalia Stolyarova – Lecturer
  • Amalia Surovtseva – Associate Professor
  • Irana Tikhonova – Lecturer
  • Anastasia Borisova – Office Manager
  • Anna Brovina – Document Specialist
Updated 11.05.2013