Specialties and directions:

In 2011 it is planned to prepare specialists by the following specialties and directions:

«Oil and Gas Engineering», qualification — bachelor, duration— 4 years.

Profile «Operation and Servicing of Field Production Project Sites»

Sites of graduates` professional activities: production facilities for development and operation of oil and gas fields on shore and on the water.

Graduates of this profile can work in the field of oil and gas extraction; perform oil and gas wells operation and repairs, develop wellstream.

Profile «Operation and servicing of oil and gas transportation and storage sites and petroleum refinery products»

Sites of graduates` professional activities: hydrocarbon transportation; oiltrunk and interfield pipelines, main and local gas pipelines, gas-distribution systems, pumping and flowing plants, oil-loading terminals on shore and off shore facilities, tank fields, petroleum storage depots, oil and gas enterprises.

Profile «Oil and Gas Wells Drilling»

Sites of graduates' professional activities: deep oil and gas wells, facilita-tion of oil and gas wells construction and drilling for the purpose of search, fields exploring and operation

Profile «Operation and Servicing of Oil and Gas Complex of the Arctic Shelf»

Sites of graduates' professional activities: offshore platforms, systems of product gathering, preparation and transport, onshore facilities for the well production intake and gas liquefaction.

«Production Machines and Facili-ties», qualification — bachelor, du-ration — 4 years.

Profile «Machines and facilities for oil and gas fields»

Sites of graduates` professional activities: developing project and norma-tive-technical documentation, manufacturing, assembling, running-in, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance of drilling and oilfield machinery, oil and gas processing equipment and offshore oil and gas structures; research methods and reliability enhancement means

Specialty «Open-Pit Mining», qualification — Mining Engineer, duration — 5 years

Graduates can work in the field of mining practice management, designing and economy of mining, facilities operation, they also can develop mines for construction materials extracting.

Subjects: «Development of coal and ore deposits», «Extraction and Pro-cessing of Construction Materials».

Students have an opportunity to ob-tain one or several professions in the oil and gas production field; it renders them much more confident about the future.

After the first and second year students pass practical training, after the 3-rd and 4-th students get field experience at the oil and gas enterprises of the North-West Region and Western Siberia.

Updated 11.05.2013