Research and Education Center “Arctic oil and gas technologies”

The Center carries out fundamental and applied research into the development of oil and gas resources of the Arctic shelf of Russia. The SEC is also tasked with competitive research work on methods and ecologically safe technologies of oil and gas field development in accordance with the main technological trends.

The Center formulates several main tasks that should be done to develop the common strategy for protection of the Arctic environment and sustainable development of the Barents Region. One of them is implementation of joint cooperation projects with universities, research and design institutions and organizations as well as industry. Improvement of international and inter-institutional cooperation in training specialists in “Oil and gas business” is also important. And one of the most important tasks is implementation of joint educational and research programs for offshore oil and gas field development.

REC “Arctic oil and gas technologies” helps to conduct educational activities in line with global trends of social development and ensures the interests of Russia in the Arctic. Students and graduates of the institute receive a full set of theoretical, experimental and practical knowledge. Consistent implementation of the plans will enable the institute of oil and gas to take a worthy place on the services market in the field of Arctic mineral resources development.

Updated 11.05.2013