International projects

The Institute of oil and gas pays constant attention to international projects. It organizes active cooperation programs with Norwegian and French partners to develop joint educational programs and to establish mining of hydrocarbons in the Arctic shelf.

Some of the lections in NArFU are given by the professors from well-known oil companies. For example, here are the professors from a French company Total: Bernard Wallin (“Training in safety and protection of the environment”), Daniel Sansri (“Development of oil fields: an integrated approach”), Alan Quesnel (“Offshore oil and gas facilities. Calculation of offshore pipelines”). The professors from a Norwegian company Statoil: Arnfin Nergaard (“Subsea well completion”), Ali Hamud (“The sea storage and transportation of oil and gas”), Erik Skaugen (“Offshore well drilling”) and others.

Some institute professors are members of the European association of scientists, geologists, geophysicists and engineers. For example, Anatoly Zolotukhin (“Features of offshore oil and gas field development”).

Our students participate actively in international projects. More than 30 students and PhD participated in the contest “The source of ideas” that was organized in the framework of cooperation between NArFU and Statoil in 2011-2012. Several our graduates annually enter the magistracy in the University of Stavanger and in the Petroleum institute in France. The best students and PhD receive scholarships from the oil company Statoil. And best of the best can use an internship in research centers of Statoil (Norway), a summer school of Total Company (France). The specialists in “Oil and Gas Wells Drilling” defend their qualification papers in English to an international commission.

The institute is involved in a research project NAREC together with Nordland University (Bodø, Norway). Our specialists also participate in joint research work together with Norwegian scientists regarding environmental risks assessments and modeling of spills in Arctic conditions.

Currently our main international partners are:

  • High North Center for Business and Governance;
  • Statoil ASA;
  • University of Tromsø;
  • University of Nordland / Bodø University College;
  • University of Stavanger;
  • Narvik University College;
  • Schlumberger company (France);
  • Total company;
  • French Oil Institute;
  • Vinci Technologies (France).

Updated 11.05.2013