Institute of Oil&Gas

The institute of oil and gas was established in 2000.
More than 500 students currently study in here

Education in the institute is focused on anticipatory training of high specialists (bachelors, masters and PhD) with a full range of innovative knowledge and practical skills demanded by Russian oil and gas companies. The institute includes training, research and engineering facilities provided with the specialized laboratory equipment. High educational and scientific potential is achieved with the help of teaching, research, modeling methods and development of deposits of different geological nature.

The institute of oil and gas includes five producing departments:

  • Department of Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields;
  • Department of Oil and Gas Wells Drilling; Facilities for Oil and Gas Fields.;
  • Department of Facilities for Oil and Gas fields;
  • Department of Oil and Gas Trans-portation and Storage;
  • Department of opencut mining;

The institute also comprises research labs and an educational-engineering center.

Updated 22.05.2013