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Institute of Energy and Transport

Core research areas:

  • Small-scale power generation using renewable energy sources, compact power plant and energy efficient technologies
  • Transport logistics under climate change
  • Mitigating impacts of fuel-energy industry in the Russian North
  • Studying aerodynamics and convective heat transfer in cyclone devices designed for various technological purposes
  • Improving timber complex machinery

Olga Lyubova, Director, Associate Professor, PhD in Technical Sciences

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21 61 79
Tel.: 8 (8182) 21 61 78

Darya Khinchuk, Deputy Director on International Cooperation

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-91

  • Department of industrial power engineering
  • Increasing efficiency and reliability of the industrial power engineering equipment

Viktor Lyubov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel: 8 (8182) 21-61-75

  • Department of heat engineering
  • Studying heat exchange processes in the turbulent streams and developing highly effective techniques for various purposes

Eduard Saburov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-71

  • Department of vehicle operation and machines of the wood complex
  • Logistics and environmental compatibility of motor transport

Mikhail Marushkey, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-92

  • Department of Materials and Construction Materials
  • Alloys heat treatment possessing various mechanisms of hardening, with use of high-speed heating: electro contact, laser, high-frequency, etc.
  • New methods of woodworking tool hardening to increase its wear resistance and durability
  • Constructional multilayered metal materials with the sub micro and nano-dimensional structure obtained by hot rolling
  • Design of low-frequency lamellar metal vibro-insulators on the basis of packages of corrugated plates with liquid filling

Igor Dumanskiy, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel. 8 (8182) 21-89-71
Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-89-91
Mob.: 8-911-552-09-33

  • Department of automation, robotics and management of technical systems
  • Automation of technological in the commercial timber industry
  • Upgrades of timber industry machines and equipment

Alexander Alekseev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-91

  • Department of Applied Mechanics and Design Basics
  • Promoting sawn timber production using sawmill equipment

Gennadiy Prokofyev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel. 8 (8182) 21-61-67,
Mob.: 8-931-402-76-68

  • Department of Electrical Power Supply to Plants

  • Reduction of electrical power losses when energy generating and distributing
  • Improvement of reliability of electrical power supply systems and the power quality.
  • Electrical power modes management.

Vladimir Volkov, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


  • Department of Electric Engineering and Power Systems
  • Reduction of man-induced impact in the European part of the Russian North
  • Optimization of plant power supply systems
  • Improvement of the alternative power sources use methods in the North environment
  • Improvement of timber processing plants’ electro-technological units
  • Development of calculation methods, moisture transport processes during desiccation of wood

S. Petukhov, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


A. Goryayev, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-69
Mob.: 8 (921) 476 55 92

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