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Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Experimental study and numerical simulation of the soil frost heave
  • Experimental study on the long-term peat settlement under the embankment
  • Geotechnical monitoring and numerical simulation of the dams, foundations and underground structures
  • Estimation of the bearing capacity of piles under existing buildings

Alexander Nevzorov, Head, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-89-23


Anatoly Zaruchevnykh, Director of R&D Project Center

Tel.: 8 (8182) 47-93-93


Department of geotechnics

Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Organizational and technological design of complex sequenced flow housing development
  • Technology and organization of construction works under winter conditions
  • Organizational and technological management of complex housing reproduction
  • The mechanism of renovation of the existing urban settings
  • Diagnostics of roads and bridges and improving its performances

Viktor Rakovskiy, Head of Department, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-29


Department of Highways and Construction Operations

Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Studying stress-deformation state and durability of construction elements
  • Studying temperature condition of winter timber haulage roads
  • Testing of furniture and timber industry products

Anatoly Konovalov, Head, Associate Professor, PhD in Technical Sciences

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-35


Department of Structural Mechanics and Strength of Materials

Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Improvement of constructions, buildings and structures under conditions of the European North
  • Design and calculation of perfection of 3D systems of glued laminated wood
  • Applied research in reliability control, check calculation and technical expertise of constructions

Alexander Veshnyakov, Head, Associate Professor, PhD in Technical Sciences

Tel.: 8-(818-2) 21-61-23

Department of Engineering Constructions and Architecture

Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Process management of producing quality construction composites given the state of the surface of dispersed material
  • Modifying nanostructures of building materials for the European North and Arctic
  • Developing methods to improve physical properties of wood with means of surface modification
  • Defining chemical properties of Portland cement
  • Expertise and quality control of water samples
  • Obtaining nano-sized fillers for building composites based on natural resources of the European North
  • Studying size effects in micro- and nano-dispersed building composites used in Cold Climate
  • The electro-kinetic phenomena in nanostructures with different geological nature

Arkady Aizenshtadt, Head, Doctor in Chemistry Science, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 41 28 33

Tel./Fax: 8 (8182) 41 28 34


Department of Composite Materials and Environmental Engineering

Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Design, construction, reconstruction and modernization of low volume roads
  • Up-to-date methods and technologies of road surveys, diagnostics and monitoring of road performances (incl. GNSS+ GPR surveys)
  • Railways and railway stock of industrial enterprises (rail gauge 750mm and 1520mm)
  • Construction machines and equipment
  • Construction of industrial transport roads in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Alexander Menshikov, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-51


Department of industrial transport

Forestry Engineering Institute

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