Metal Additive Manufacturing Webinar and Cyberlab

Metal Additive Manufacturing Webinar and Cyberlab

Luleå University of Technology has hosted a webinar on metal additive manufacturing joined by 40 representatives of universities and businesses from   Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia.

The online event held on 27-28 October 2020 was aimed primarily at teaching metal additive manufacturing technologies. The participants learned more about the existing technologies, their advantages, weaknesses and prospects. The stakeholders were also introduced to powder bed 3D printers and their operation principles, and got a chance to see the finished printed products. The seminar’s practical module included a demonstration of a complete product manufacturing cycle – from designs and 3D model development to printing and final processing. The participants also discussed methods of product structure research for subsequent resilience evaluation.

A presentation of new technologies for metal printing and post-production by representatives of the Polytechnic University of Milan generated particularly strong interest. The experts from the old university’s 3D-printing Lab demonstrated printing technologies allowing specialists to program the expected mechanical properties of metal parts creating special alloy structures with unique characteristics.

NArFU was represented by experts from the Higher School of Engineering, Higher School of IT and Automated Systems and International Cooperation Department. The NArFU team introduced the university, provided insight into the implementation of the Kolarctic CBC project “I2P: From Idea to Printing of Metal Products” and presented the collaboration platform developed in the framework of the project.

A follow-up seminar for companies operating in Arkhangelsk Region is currently in the works.  

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