FAMARB Project Team Discussed Interim Outcomes

FAMARB Project Team Discussed Interim Outcomes

On 16-17 January 2020 Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland) hosted a working meeting in the framework of the Kolarctic project «FAMARB: Facility Management of Residential Buildings in Barents Region».

The project was launched in December 2019. The expert team including representatives of UiT-The Arctic University of Norway, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden presented the interim results, developed a road map and discussed the upcoming events. The meeting was also attended by an officer from the Kolarctic Office in Norway. NArFU was represented by Pavel Maryandyshev, Director at the Higher School of Energy, Oil and Gas, Maria Frolova, Head of the Department of Technologies for the Preservation of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Arctic Countries at the Higher School of Engineering, and Svetlana Pirogova, Head of International Communications Office.

In the framework of the project’s first stage reconstruction works have been recently completed on the heating system of the students’ dormitory. The next step is real-time energy monitoring using programmable devices, to see which of the designs outperforms its counterparts in terms of price-to-quality-to-energy efficiency ratio. Also, the dorms have received new window units and suspended facades that use different types of insulation, which is expected to significantly improve the indoor climate. The Higher School of Engineering is currently monitoring such essential parameters as temperature, humidity, air velocity and gas composition (CO, CO2, organic impurities).

In May 2020 NArFU will host a joint thematic seminar for representatives of the local management companies aimed at promoting best practices of facility management in the North.

Among the issues currently being discussed by the international project team are the development of a methodology for assessing the technical condition of facilities; development of guidelines for operation, maintenance, renovation and management of existing buildings; development of energy monitoring and facility management systems; development of guidelines for improving indoor climates and environmental impact mitigation.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in June at the Research Institutes of Sweden.

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