International activities

International activities of the Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture aim to boost international cooperation with various research and education centers of CIS countries and foreign countries, to establish closer contacts with scientists from other countries and to find new forms of international collaboration.

Priority areas and forms of international activity of the Institute:

  • Establishment, development and expansion of joint research projects, joint submission of grant applications for the purpose of carrying out research in priority areas of the Program of the Institute.
  • Development of international educational programs in English - profile “Construction in northern climates” (undergraduate and graduate level).
  • Development of academic mobility of students, PhD and teachers.
  • Publication of scientific papers in highly rated international journals.

The main purpose of international cooperation is to let the students and staff of the Institute participate in various international research projects carried out by the European Union and the Barents Euro-Arctic Region. The institute is involved in international projects of the European Union: the project “E-URAL” that aims to foster scientific and technical cooperation and to encourage Russian scientists to participate in joint Russian-European environmental projects; the project “HEROMAT” aims to develop advanced eco-friendly materials (nanocomposites) used for restoration of cultural heritage objects.

Personnel of the Institute actively participate in various international conferences and workshops organized on the basis of NArFU and abroad (in Germany, Italy, UK, Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Norway). Our personnel conduct scientific research and take internships in foreign universities (Polytechnic University of Milan, University of Kassel). Foreign professors, researchers and specialists are being invited to the institute to give lectures and to teach the staff of the institute to work with high-tech equipment.

In July 2012 a cooperation agreement was signed between the Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture of NArFU and the construction faculty of Technological University of Wroclaw (Poland). It is planned to organize student exchange programs between universities.

Our institute hosts international conferences and workshops: “The use of environmental technologies for management of solid waste and wastewater: possibilities of cooperation between the European Union and Russia”, “Problems of design, construction and operation of agricultural buildings, facilities and infrastructure of the Euro-Arctic region”. In 2009 and 2012 Russian-Polish-Slovak workshops (“Theoretical foundations of construction”) were organized in the institute together with MSSU.

Professors of the institute created courses in English for the disciplines “Real estate appraisal” and “Economic evaluation of major urban investment and construction projects” (direction “Construction”). Currently it is planned to organize courses in English for the disciplines “Development of residential and commercial real estate” and “Geotechnical investigations in cold climate”.

Updated 31.10.2013