20.03.01 Technosphere safety

Profiles Process and production safety / Protection in emergencies

Degree bachelor

Term of apprenticeship 4 years

Exams Mathematics (special course) / Physics or Chemistry or Informatics and ICT / Russian language

City Arkhangelsk

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General characteristics

Operation of protective equipment and monitoring the state of protective and rescue equipment, identification of areas of increased technogenic risk in the environment, participation in research work, creation of new methods and systems for human protection in emergencies, selection of operating modes of protective systems, development of protection projects territories and elimination of consequences of accidents, disasters and natural phenomena.

Preparation of bachelors, starting from the third year, is conducted in two profiles

This profile is focused on training personnel for:

  • region enterprises and organizations, regardless of industry
  • supervisory authorities

Students learn the system of ensuring industrial safety in organizations, including industrial safety and labor protection

Безопасность технологических процессов и производств.jpg

This profile is focused on training personnel for:

  • rescue teams
  • fire and rescue units
  • supervisory bodies
  • insurance companies (fire technical audit)

Students learn the system of ensuring the population protection in emergencies.

Защита в ЧС Защита в ЧС


  • applied learning
  • organization of practical training on the basis of existing fire and rescue units, emergency rescue teams in Arkhangelsk
  • work in the public student rescue team "POMOR-SPAS"


Areas of application of professional knowledge:

  • assistant controller of the department of supervisory activities of the Arkhangelsk Regional Rescue Service (ARRS)
  • specialist of departments of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Arkhangelsk Region and the ARRS
  • duty officer of the rescue coordinating center
Updated 01.04.2021