08.05.01 Construction of unique buildings and structures

Specialization Construction of high-rise and large-span buildings and structures

Degree civil engineer

Term of apprenticeship 6 years

Exams Mathematics (special course) / Physics or Informatics and ICT  / Russian language

City Arkhangelsk

Construction is one of the most demanded areas which constantly requires highly qualified personnel

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What does a civil engineer create?

  • civil and industrial buildings;
  • high-rise buildings and structures (height over 100 m);
  • long-span buildings and structures (bay more than 100 m), for example, stadiums, train stations, aquatic facilities, trade and exhibition centers

Areas of application of professional knowledge:

  • design of unique industrial and civil facilities
  • organization of work on the construction / reconstruction site of both unique and ordinary architecture objects;
  • technical maintenance of buildings
  • technical audit of design documentation and construction projects
  • construction monitoring.

Present posts:

  • survey organizations (surveyor engineer, head of the survey department);
  • design organizations (design engineer, lead engineer, project structural engineer, operation leader);
  • construction and installation organizations (foreman, senior foreman, site / department head, director);
  • repair and maintenance organizations (engineer, foreman, director);
  • executive authorities (deputy head / head of department);
  • educational organizations of the vocational secondary education and supplementary vocational secondary (professional disciplines teacher);
  • oversight and safety organizations (lead specialist / head of fire safety service, head of environmental protection department);
  • research and development organizations (engineer, leading engineer, researcher, senior researcher).

Updated 01.04.2021