Practice-oriented online seminar organized by the Oxford Russia Fund

Practice-oriented online seminar organized by the Oxford Russia Fund

Teachers of the Department of English Philology, Nordic Languages and Language Pedagogy of NArFU participated actively in a practice-oriented online seminar organized within the framework of the Oxford Russia Fund project "Modern British Literature in Russian Universities". The seminar was held on April 10, 2021 and gathered more than 80 teachers from Vladivostok to the Crimea.

The session was moderated by professor Karen Hewitt. The participants from Russia discussed the work of the Britain's most famous writers, such as Alan Thorpe, Hilary Mantel and Graham Swift, and got acquainted with their short stories. The seminar's main purposes were to develop strategies for analysis of short stories, and to consider their linguistic- and socio-cultural information. During the pandemic, the online seminars allowed us to expand the methods of analysis of the pieces of contemporary British literature. They became a convenient platform for discussing the prospects of including the stories in the process of teaching English and sharing experience in teaching British literature in Russian universities.

The analysis and discussion of the short stories of contemporary British writers during English language classes will help the students to expand the horizons and develop critical thinking.

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