World History Department

World History Department

Address: Lomonosov av. 2, office 206.

Tel.:+7 (8182) 29-52-31

General information and activity profile

Research and education at World History Department focuses on acute historical issues. About 200 students are studying our educational programs and courses.

Teaching Staff of the Department comprises 14 teachers (including 2 Professors, 8 Associate Professors.)

Main research topic: History and Culture of Circumpolar world.

Individual Research Fields:

  • Scandinavian Studies (Andrey V. Repnevsky, Oksana V. Zaretskaya, Ruslan V. Peresadilo)
  • American Studies (Aleksey E. Feldt, Vasylii G. Trofimenko)
  • Poverty Problem in Early Stuart England (Olga V. Salamatova)
  • Cultural Anthropology in the High North (Anna N. Soloviova)
  • German Studies (Roman Yu. Boldyrev)
  • Ancient History (Vladimir I. Shubin)
Recent International Research Projects:

  • Neighborly Asymmetry. Russia and Norway (1814-2014)
  • Barents Encyclopedia Project
  • Russian Timber- Norwegian Ships-British markets
  • Internalization of Northern Sea Route
  • Creative Industries


Zaretskaya Oksana Valerievna,

BA in Humanities, MA in Pedagogical Education, PhD (Candidate) in History of Foreign Policy and International Relations.

Research Interests: International relations in the Arctic, History of Scandinavian Countries, Indigenous people in Barents Region, Arctic Strategies.


Main disciplines

In Russian: Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern and Contemporary History of Europe and America, History of Asia and Africa, etc.

In English:

  • “Russian Studies” (BA semester program): Culture of the Russian North, Contemporary Russian Politics, Contemporary Russian History)
  • “Diverse Arctic: Local Challenges — Global Changes” (BA semester program): Crossing the Borders: Changes and Challenges of the Russian Politics in the Arctic (1990s-2000s), Society, Diversity and Human Development in the High North, The Arctic as an Art object.
  • “EU and Russia: History of Political and Cultural Interaction” ” (MA semester program): Russia and the European Union: problems and prospects of cooperation, Migration and migration policy of EU in the Arctic, Cross-border contacts, Mobility and European Identity, Northern Dimension of EU-Russian Cultural Interaction: heritage, art and identity


Educational programs implemented by the Department:

Bachelor level

  • 46.03.01 History;
  • 46.03.01 Historical Political Science

Master level

  • 46.04.01 History and Culture of Circumpolar World Countries: Comparative Research


  • 46.06.01 World History (Modern and Contemporary History)

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