World History Department

Address: Lomonosov av. 2, office 206
Tel.: +7 (8182) 29-52-31

Head of Department:
Oksana V. Zaretskaia, Associate Professor, Candidate of History

Manager: Elena Chevochkina

The Department of World History was formed in Arkhangelsk in 1938 at the Arkhangelsk Pedagogical Institute. The head of the department was Aleksandr Andreevich Sokolov, a medieval historian who graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Red Professors in 1935. Among the first teachers of the department were A.V. Smirnov, A.V. Selezneva, M.I. Freeman. At the beginning of World War II, most of the teachers went to the front, and in 1943 the departments were united with Department of the History of the USSR Peoples. In 1946, the department was revived again, but with a new staff. This period of the department's life lasted until 1956, when the merger took place again. The modern stage of the Department of World History begins in 1985 when Professor Andrei Viktorovich Repnevsky headed it and gathered a new team with which the current teaching staff has an inextricable connection. Since 2011 Department of World History became a part of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov.

Nowadays Department of World History provides a wide range of training programs. Among them:

Bachelor's degree

  • 46.03.01 History: “Classic history”
  • 46.03.01 History: “Historical Political Science”

Master's degree

  • 46.04.01 History: “History and Culture of Circumpolar World Countries: Comparative Research”
  • 44.03.01 Teacher education: “History and Social Studies”

Postgraduate Courses

  • 46.06.01 History and Archeology


World History (Modern and Contemporary History)

Research and education at World History Department focuses on acute historical issues. About 200 students are studying our educational programs and courses.


General modules

Major modules

Additional modules

  • Philosophical worldview
  • Effective communications
  • Health preservation
  • Environmental safety
  • Introduction to the profession
  • Networking in the HSS
  • Digitalization
  • Legal and financial literacy
  • Projects
46.03.01 History
  • Ancient history
  • History of Russia (up to the twentieth century)
  • History of the Middle Ages
  • Auxiliary sciences of history
  • Archeology
  • Source criticism
  • Russian history of the ХХth century.
  • Modern and Contemporary History
46.03.01 History: “Classic history”
  • History of the Scandinavian countries
  • Scandinavian Medieval and Modern Studies
  • Local history
  • History of Germany
  • History of Canada
  • History of cooperation and rivalry in the Arctic
  • Historiography of World History
  • Historiography of Russian history
  • History of the Countries of Asia and Africa
46.03.01 History: “Historical Political Science”
  • The Political System of the USA and Its Foreign Policy
  • Historical Types of Statehood and Political Doctrines in the Middle Ages
  • Fundamentals of Political Science and Sociology
  • History of Ethnology and Social Anthropology
  • Political Regionalism and Globalism
  • The History of Political Doctrines in modern and recent times
  • History of Russian political and legal thought
  • Countries of the East: features of socio-economic and political development

There are some courses in English realized by the World History Department.

  • “Russian Studies” (BA semester program): Culture of the Russian North, Contemporary Russian Politics, Contemporary Russian History.
  • “Diverse Arctic: Local Challenges — Global Changes” (BA semester program): Crossing the Borders: Changes and Challenges of the Russian Politics in the Arctic (1990s-2000s), Society, Diversity and Human Development in the High North, The Arctic as an Art object.
  • “EU and Russia: History of Political and Cultural Interaction” ” (MA semester program): Russia and the European Union: problems and prospects of cooperation, Migration and migration policy of EU in the Arctic, Cross-border contacts, Mobility and European Identity, Northern Dimension of EU-Russian Cultural Interaction: heritage, art and identity.

Teaching Staff of the Department comprises 15 teachers (including 3 Professors, 7 Associate Professors.)

Main research topic: History and Culture of Circumpolar world.

Individual Research Fields:

  • Scandinavian Studies (Andrey V. Repnevsky, Oksana V. Zaretskaya, Ruslan V. Peresadilo)
  • American Studies (Aleksey E. Feldt, Vasylii G. Trofimenko)
  • Cultural Anthropology in the High North (Anna N. Soloviova)
  • German Studies (Roman Yu. Boldyrev, Herman S. Ragozin, Ivan D. Popov)
  • Ancient History (Vladimir I. Shubin).

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Updated 19.11.2021