Social work and social security department

Address: Smolny Buyan Str., 7, room 302

phone: 66-05-88


General information and activity profile

The subjects of scientific research work of the department are social work and youth potential development as resources of social security and social risks management.

Social work department was established in 1997. Correspondence department was also founded in 1997.

In 2007 there was established a new specialization «Management of Youth Socialization».

In 2009 the department also launched its master’s degree program which is called «Social work with various population groups».

In 2012 Social work department was renamed as «Social work and social safety department».

From the very beginning training in the department has been brought closer to international standards.

There are various scientific groups in the department.

Over the 20 years of the department’s existence, there have been implemented over 30 major projects. For example: Alexander Herzen’s program «Development of social work in Arkhangelsk Oblast» (Germany), Pomor-project – from 1998 – 2010 (Regional college, Bodø, Norway). Furthermore, there have been conducted various projects with The University of Lapland and The University of Oulu.

International collaboration of the department consists of:

  1. Introductory practice – introduction to the basics and specifics of social work of a particular country (a duration of up to 10 days);

  2. Internship – practical activity which is aimed towards working with certain population groups;

  3. Exchange programs: FIRST, FIRST-BARENTS, FIRST-SOSNET.
    Partner countries are Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, etc.

  4. The department provides students with information about social institutions, extensive economic and legal knowledge, social interaction, human psychology, social and special psychology, conflictology, social medicine. Students have an opportunity to learn how to conduct a research study of a social problem, plan various social projects.

The department attaches great importance to the practical skills. Hence, every year students have a practice in municipal institutions and civil society organizations that provide aid to various population groups.

Currently, the department trains bachelors and masters in humanities, socio-economics, mathematics, natural science, general education, general professional disciplines.

Moreover, students are allowed to choose special courses they want to learn.

Teaching Staff of the Department comprises 11 teachers (including 3 Doctors of Science, 5 Candidates of Science, 2 Senior Lecturers and 2 Assistant Lecturers).

Golubeva E.U. - doctor of Biology, prof.

- individual research fields: Gerontology (focusing on active and healthy aging in circumpolar area)

2017-2018 Foster family for elderly people in remote areas as well-being technology (WHO Center for Health Development)

2017 Role of Population Policies in Dealing with Ageing in BRICS Countries (United Nations Population Fund)

2016-2017 Healthy and active aging policy in circumpolar regions (Potanin Foundation)
2016-2020 Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy (COST, Horizon 2020)
Quality management in social work, 3 ECTS,

“Active and healthy aging policy in circumpolar region” 3 ECTS

Troshina T. I. - doctor of History, prof.

Tevlina V.V. –doctor of History, prof.


Malik Larisa Sergeevna,, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor

Research interests: An introduction to the profession of social work; Prevention of deviant behavior of young people; Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher School; Theory and practice of governance in social work; Organization, governance and administration in social work; Alternate forms of placement of orphaned children; Philosophy of Education.

Main disciplines

  • History of social work

  • Theory of social work

  • Legal security of social work

  • Forecasting, designing and modeling in social work

  • The basics of social medicine

  • Mathematical statistics

  • Experience of social work in various spheres of vital activity

Educational programs implemented by the Department:

Bachelor level – 39.03.02 Social work

                            39.03.03 Management of Youth Socialization

Master level    – 39.04.02 Social work - «Social work with various population groups»

Updated 17.06.2019