Department of Regional Studies, International Relations and Political Sciences

Department of Regional Studies, International Relations and Political Sciences

Address: Lomonosova 2, office 106a

General information and activity profile

Based on the needs of the region and its historical contacts with the Nordic countries the specialization of students has been identified as a regional studies (specialist in Northern European countries) and international relations in the Arctic.

The common scientific theme of the Department: "The geopolitical and socio-cultural issues of the Arctic and the Russian North", which includes the following items:

  1. Fundamental issues of geopolitical cooperation and rivalry in the Arctic in  the XX and XXI centuries;
  2.  The European North of Russia in the processes of regionalization and globalization;
  3. Spiritual and civilizational space of the Arctic and the North


Professor Flera H. Sokolova

Main disciplines

  • Theory and history of IR;
  • Geopolitics;
  • World economy;
  • Regional economy;
  • Regional Studies;
  • Socio-cultural issues of the Arctic region
  • The countries of Northern Europe and the Arctic: history, foreign policy, international relations;
  • Diplomatic and business etiquette;
  • World politics;
  • Contemporary IR;
  • Methodology and methods of complex regional studies;
  • Foreign policy of the Arctic States;
  • Russia in global Affairs

Educational programs implemented by the Department:

Bachelor level

  • International Relations (profile “International relations in the Arctic”)
  • Foreign Regional Studies (profile “Countries of Northern Europe”) 
  • Regional Studies of Russia (profile Arctic regions of Russian Federation)

Master level

  • Regional studies (master programme “European Studies: Arctic Vector”)


  • History of international relations in foreign policy
  • Political regionalism. Ethnic politics

Updated 31.03.2021