Department of German and French Philology

Department of German and French Philology,

Address: Smolny Buyan Str., 7, Rooms 304 and 305

General information and activity profile.

Department of German and French Philology is a structural unit of the Higher school of Humanities, social Sciences and international communication  "Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov" and  accomplishes educational, methodological, research and organizational work.

The Department was established in 2013 on the basis of the Department of German language and the Department of French language, each of which has its own rich history and traditions. German language teaching  has been conducted  since September 1941, and the French language teaching - since 1962.

Fields of research: Internet linguistics, discourse studies, media studies, genre studies, comparative German and Russian studies; Time and Space studies in linguistics; Innovative technologies of teaching foreign languages.


Sokolova Mariia Leonidovna Sokolova Mariia Leonidovna,
Head of German and French Philology Department, Candidate of science (Ph.D (Pedagogy),associate professor.

Fields of research:
professional education, language education, professional and language competence, language, culture, communication.

Main disciplines

Theoretical Grammar (in German and in French), History of the language (in German and in French), Lexicology (in German and in French), Foundation of Linguistics (in Russian), Stylistics (in German and in French), Media communication (In Russian), Information technologies in Linguistics (in Russian), Information Technologies for Humanities Students (in Russian), National communicative behaviour (in Russian and German), Current Issues in Educational Science (in Russian), Active methods of teaching foreign languages (in Russian), Foreign language in professional life (In German and French), Foreign language in business communications (In German), Latin language, Literature and culture of the studied foreign language: Germany and Austria (In German), Literature and culture of the studied foreign language: France (In French), Major the first and second  Foreign Language Speech Standards (In German and in French), Adult teaching methods (In Russian) and others.

Educational programs implemented by the Department:

Bachelor level

45.03.02 Linguistics (specialization: theory and practice of intercultural communication);

44.03.01 Teacher education (specialization: foreign languages);

Master level

44.04.01 Pedagogical education, profile "Innovative technologies of German language teaching ".


Linguistics and literature studies (German)

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