Department of English Philology, Nordic languages and Language Pedagogy

Address: Smolny Buyan Str., 7, Room 306
phone: (8182) 21-61-00, extension 24-31, 24-36

General information and activity profile

Department of English Philology, Nordic languages and Language Pedagogy is a structural unit of the Higher school of Humanities, Social Sciences and International communication within "Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov", it accomplishes educational, methodological, research and organizational work.

The Department was established in 2013 on the basis of the Department of English language and the Department of Modern languages and Foreign Language Teaching, the oldest Chairs of the Foreign Languages Department of Pomor State University.


Elena Triapitcyna, Head of the Department, Candidate of science (PhD in Linguistics), Assistant professor, e-mail:

Main disciplines

Practical Course of the English language, Practical Course of the second foreign language (Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Polish),Theoretical Grammar of the English language, History of the English language, Practical Phonetics, Lexicology, Basics of Linguistics, Stylistics, Project Management, Media communication, Cross-cultural communication, Regional Studies of the UK and the USA, Methods of teaching foreign languages, Foreign language in professional sphere, Foreign language in business communication, Literature and culture of the studied foreign language, and others.

Educational programmes implemented by the Department:

Bachelor level

45.03.02 Linguistics: «Theory and practice of intercultural communication»

44.03.01 Teacher education: «Foreign languages»

Master level

45.04.02 Linguistics: «Foreign Language Acquisition and Teaching» (in English)


44.06.01 — Teaching and pedagogical sciences: «Theory and methodology of professional education»

45.06.01 — Linguistics and Literature studies: «Germanic languages»

Updated 25.04.2018