Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics Department

Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics Department

Address: Smolny Buyan Str., 7, Rooms 222 and 223
phone: (8182) 68-32-62

General information and activity profile.

The department specializes in the training of translators and interpreters with the English, German and French languages, providing linguistic and translation courses within bachelor and master programs. Department staff also teaches general linguistic and specialized translation courses as well as professional communication courses. A number of courses — Foreign language: professional terminology and translation of scientific texts; Theory and practice of literary translation; Foreign language for professional purposes; Communication in modern multicultural world — are taught for other higher schools of the university. There are several elective courses developed by the staff of the department: Technical translation (English language), French language and culture (Elementary level), Basics of Chinese language and culture, English as a second foreign language for professional communication, German as a second foreign language for professional communication. The subject of the department scientific research is «Arctic discourse: translation and international professional communication» (Research supervisors are doctor of philological sciences, professor Alexander Polikarpov,  doctor of philological sciences, associate professor Maria Druzhinina).


Professor Alexander Polikarpov, Head of the Department, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, research interests: Translation studies, Modern German grammar, Colloquial German; Pragmalinguistics; Contrastive Linguistic Ecology; Interactional Linguistic Semiotics; Terminology Studies 

Main disciplines

  • Practical language course; 
  • Translation studies, 
  • Theory and practice of translation,

Educational programs implemented by the Department:

Bachelor level

  • Program 45.03.02 Linguistics, specialty “Translation and translation studies”

Master level

  • Master Program 45.03.02 Linguistics «Translation in business communication within the euro-arctic region»  
  • Master program 45.04.02 Linguistics — «Professional communication in Eurasian scope»


  • Scientific field 45.06.01 — Linguistics and Literature studies. Specialties: «Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics», «Germanic languages»
  • Scientific field 44.06.01 — Teaching and pedagogical sciences: «Theory and methodology of professional education»

Updated 24.11.2021