Bachelor level

45.03.02 Linguistics, specialty “Translation and translation studies”;

45.03.02 Linguistics (specialization: theory and practice of intercultural communication);

44.03.01 Teacher education (specialization: foreign languages);

46.03.01 History;

46.03.01 Historical Political Science

51.03.01 Cultural studies;

45.03.04 Intellectual Systems in the Humanitarian Sphere;

47.03.03 Religious studies;


Advertising and Public Relations;

International Relations (profile “International relations in the Arctic”);

Foreign Regional Studies (profile “Countries of Northern Europe”) ;

Regional Studies of Russia (profile Arctic regions of Russian Federation);

Professional retraining programs;

  • Translator in the Area of Professional Communication;  
  • Literary Translation

Master level

45.03.02 Linguistics «Translation in business communication within the euro-arctic region»;

45.04.02 Linguistics — «Professional communication in Eurasian scope»;

44.04.01 Pedagogical education, profile "Innovative technologies of German language teaching";

46.04.01 History and Culture of Circumpolar World Countries: Comparative Research;

51.04.01 Applied cultural studies

Regional studies (master programme “European Studies: Arctic Vector”)


45.06.01 — Linguistics and Literature studies. Specialties: «Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics», «Germanic languages» and «Romance languages»;

44.06.01 — Teaching and pedagogical sciences: «Theory and methodology of professional education»;

46.06.01 World History (Modern and Contemporary History);

Linguistics and literature studies (German);

09.00.13 Philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture;

09.00.14 Philosophy of religion and religious studies;

24.00.01 Theory and history of culture;

History of international relations in foreign policy;

Political regionalism. Ethnic politics

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