About Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication

Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication is the largest educational and scientific division of Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov.

The mission of the Higher School is to ensure sustainable innovative development of educational and research activities in the field of humanities in order to fully meet the economic, social and cultural needs in the Arctic region both in Russia and abroad.

More than fifteen hundred students are currently studying in the Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication. In the nearest future, they are to become highly qualified workforce ready for research, project management, translation and teaching activities.

Within the Higher School, bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate programs are implemented in the following areas: Sociology and Social Work; Political Science and Regional Studies; Mass Media and Library Services; Education and Pedagogical Sciences; Linguistics and Literary Studies; History and Archeology; Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies; Cultural Studies and Sociocultural Projects.

The Higher School includes 14 departments: English Language Department, Department of English Philology, Nordic Languages and Language Pedagogy, World History Department, Department of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, Department of Literature, Department of German and French Philology, Russian History Department, Department of Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics, Specialized Department of Automated Translation Technologies based at the Translation Agency “AKM-West”, Department of Regional Studies, International Relations and Political Sciences, Department of the Russian Language and Speech Culture, Department of Social Work and Social Security, Philosophy and Sociology Department.

A number of laboratories and centers operate within the Higher School. Among them, Center of Comparative Religious Studies and Ethno-semiotics, Academic and Research Center “Archaeology of the North”, Center of Research of Traditional Culture of the European North, museum-based laboratory “Northern text of the Russian Literature”, Laboratory of Socio and psycholinguistics, Centre “Integrative Translation Studies of the Arctic Region”, and Polyglot Linguistic Centre.

Several international centers of bilateral cooperation are functioning in the Higher School in order to develop stable international humanitarian relations: The Informational and Educational Center "Polish Center", Russian-German Center for Scientific and Educational Cooperation, British Centre, French Centre.

Moreover, the Higher School annually holds various educational events, including Summer, Winter and Autumn Schools of the Russian Language and Culture. The Higher School implements international and network educational programs. Successful cooperation is established with the Baltic Federal University named after Emmanuel Kant, North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K Ammosov, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Kazan Federal University, Omsk State Pedagogical University, Novosibirsk State University, University of Upper Alsace (France), Goethe-Institute (Germany), Hainan College of Software Technology (China).

The Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication ensures high-quality education. It is prestigious to be among its employees, students or graduates.

Updated 30.10.2020