Subdivisions of the High School of Energy, Oil and Gas


Head of the Department

Oil and Gas Wells Drilling, Development of Oil and Gas Fields

Anatoly Zolotukhin, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Ludmila Ikonnikova, Deputy head of the department, Associate Professor, PhD in Technical Sciences,

Tel.: +7 (8182) 41-28-17,

Geodesy and Land Cadaster

Igor Klepikov, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 21-61-25

Geology and Mining Operations

Vladimir Skripnichenko Professor, Doctor of Economics, PhD of geological and mineralogical sciences


Standardization, Metrology and Certification

Sergey Tretyakov

PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: + 7 (8182) 21-61-14

Department of Power and Heat Engineering

Viktor Lyubov

Professor,  Doctor of Technical Sciences

Tel: +7 (8182) 21-61-75

Oil and Gas Transportation, Storage and Oil and Gas Field Equipment

Marsel Gubaidullin, Professor, Doctor of Geology mineorogical sciences


Electrical Engineering

Sergey Petukhov, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel: 8(8182) 21-61- 69

High school comprises research labs and education-engineering centers:

  • Area Research Lab of Enhancement of Heat Exchanging Process
  • Research and Education Center “Arctic oil and gas technologies”
  • Lab for Pressure Transient Analysis and Oil Properties
  • Research Lab for Complex Core Analysis
  • Lab of Computer Modelling and Reservoir Management
  • Electrical Lab of Enhanced Studying of Electrical Circuitry, Electrical Measurement and Electronic Devises of the Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Research and Education Advisory Center of  Quality Management
  • Research Center of Energy Innovation
  • Complex Center of Energy-Efficient Education
  • Training Center «Mining»
Updated 31.03.2021