Research fields

Thermal Power and  Heat Engineering

  • Increasing efficiency and reliability of the industrial power engineering equipment;
  • Studying heat exchange processes in the turbulent streams and developing highly effective techniques for various purposes;
  • Improving the production and combustion processes of granulated fuels;
  • Alternative and renewable sources in the Arctic region;
  • Investigation of thermal degradation of different wood-based biofuels of the northwest region of the Russian Federation.

Electric Power and Electrical Engineering

  • Reduction of electrical power losses when energy generating and distributing;
  • Improvement of reliability of electrical power supply systems and the power quality; 
  • Electrical power modes management.
  • Reduction of man-induced impact in the European part of the Russian North;
  • Optimization of plant power supply systems;
  • Improvement of the alternative power sources use methods in the North environment;
  • Improvement of timber processing plants’ electro-technological units;
  • Development of calculation methods, moisture transport processes during desiccation of wood.

Oil and Gas Transportation, Storage and Oil and Gas Field Equipment

  • Modeling oil spills in the South-Eastern part of the Barents Sea using OSCAR computer model
  • Assessing environmental risks when exploiting oil and gas deposits
  • Additionally to this the patents obtained for industrial introduction of technologie
  • Improving construction reliability of wellsites, oil pipe lines, roads built on permafrost
  • Developing ways to utilize oil-based wastes when constructing oil and gas objects
  • Proposing measures to protect topsoil in tundra and rehabilitate disturbed lands

Oil and Gas Wells Drilling, Development of Oil and Gas Fields

  • Preparing reagents of drilling technological fluids on the basis of production wastes
  • Developing a well drilling automatic control system
  • Developing pipe-line supports
  • Developing separator cones for drill fluids
  • Complex studying of drill samples, defining physical and chemical characteristics of inter-bedding fluids by deep and surface samples
  • Studying properties of oil in place, including high-viscosity oil
  • Studying conditions for generation of asphaltens and tar-paraffin sediments in oil wells and oil pipe lines
  • Studying structures of asphaltens and tar-paraffin sediments and choosing reagents to eliminate the above sediments

Geology and Mining Operations

  • Developing ways to optimize solid mineral deposit development and land recultivation

Updated 14.05.2019