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13.03.01 Heat-Power Engineering and Heat Technology

Power Supply of Enterprises

Industrial and technological activities (power plant, energy service companies in various industries);

design and engineering activities (engineering offices, design institutes and companies);

research activities (universities, research institutes, scientific-production associations, laboratories);

operational activities (heat, water, gas systems and networks);

organization and management activities (any industry).

Industrial heat-and-power engineering

Graduates can be employed in thermal power stations, enterprises of heat supply systems and housing and public utility sector, industrial enterprises utilizing heat power, project and research institutes.

13.03.02 Electric Power Engineering and Electric Technology

Electrical Power Supply

Sphere of professional activity includes:

set of technical facilities, techniques and methods of human activity for production, transmission,

distribution, transformation, and utilization of electrical energy, energy flux control, development and

manufacture of elements, appliances and systems realizing these processes.

Management in Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Graduates can work as:

project manager, leading experts; inspecting engineers;

line managers in energy sales companies, head of legal department, head of marketing and analytic department in energy sales organization.

15.03.02 Technical Machinery and Systems  

Machines and facilities of oil and gas fields

Developing project and normative technical documentation, manufacturing, assembling, running in, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance of drilling and oil field machinery, oil and gas processing equipment and offshore oil and gas structures; research methods and reliability enhancement means

21.03.01 Oil and Gas Engineering

Oil and Gas Wells Drilling

Deep oil and gas wells, facilitation of oil and gas wells construction and drilling for the purpose of search, fields exploring and operation.

Operation and Servicing of Field Production Project Sites

Production facilities for development and operation of oil and gas fields on shore and on the water.

Graduates of this profile can work in the field of oil and gas extraction; perform oil and gas wells operation and repairs, develop well stream.

Operation and Servicing of Oil and Gas Complex of the Arctic Shelf

Offshore platforms, systems of product gathering, preparation and transport, onshore facilities for the well production intake and gas liquefaction.

Operation and servicing of oil and gas transportation and storage sites and petroleum refinery products

Hydrocarbon transportation; oil trunk and interfield pipelines, main and local gas pipelines, gas-distribution systems, pumping and flowing plants, oil-loading terminals on shore and off shore facilities, tank fields, petroleum storage depots, oil and gas enterprises.

Wells Development and Servicing

Graduates of this profile can work in the field of oil and gas extraction; perform oil and gas wells operation and repairs, develop wellstream.

21.03.02 Land Management and Registry

Land Cadaster

Graduates can work in state and non-state enterprises of various forms of ownership, employed by the organization, planning and carrying out of the objects of the real estate cadastre (construction, the oil and gas industry, etc.);

Federal public institution "Land cadastral Chamber;

territorial Management departments of Rosregister;

public authorities on land management and architecture;

production organizations of various forms of ownership, licensed to perform land-cadastral works;

legal and consulting companies and others.

Cadastral Register

27.03.01 Standardization and Metrology

Metrology and Metrological Supervision

Products (services) and technological processes; equipment of the enterprises and the organizations, Metrology and testing laboratories.

Methods and means of measurements, testing and monitoring.

Master’s degree programs 

13.04.01 Heat-Power Engineering and Heat Technology

Energy Management

Alumni of the master degree education program can get employed in

bodies affiliated to the Ministry of industry and energetics of the Russian Federation;

Chief power engineer departments;

Scientific research and design companies dealing with design of energy equipment and systems;

Assembly companies building heat and power engineering facilities.

21.04.01 Oil and Gas Engineering

Development of Arctic Shelf Deposits

Specialists can engage in project activities, technology and productivity activities, research or management activities in the field of oil and gas industry.

27.04.01 Standardization and Metrology

Development of Arctic Oil and Gas Fields using modern methods of metrological and information support

Graduates can work in Certification bodies;

Metrology bodies, departments carrying out technical control of companies;

Departments on technical regulation;

Accreditation authorities;

State control authorities.

Specialist's degree programs

21.05.02 Applied Geology

Oil and Gas Geology

Graduates can work in the mineral and petroleum industries, with some working in groundwater and environmental geology.

21.05.04 Mining

Open-Pit Mining

Graduates can work in the field of mining practice management, designing and economy of mining, facilities operation, they also can develop mines for construction materials extracting.

Post-graduate programs

21.06.01 Geology, Exploration and Mining

25.00.17 Exploration and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields

Graduates are employed as professors at specialized universities and colleges and as researcher in the Institute. They may also apply for management positions in mining enterprises.

13.06.01 Electric and Heat Power Engineering

Electrical equipment and systems

Programme focus on the training of teachers and researchers. Graduates will be able to conduct lectures, seminars, laboratory work at universities and colleges, as well as to design devices, materials, installations, electrical and heat-technical equipment at research institutes, research centres and in production.

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