Research profile

Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems possesses a number of laboratories with specialized technical equipment necessary for the academic activities, project work and scientific researches

Laboratory of automation, monitoring and technological processes control

Laboratory equipment allows to develop control systems based on programmable logic controllers, microprocessor control systems based on microcontrollers and digital circuits with programmable logic ICs. In the laboratory students learn how to design computer vision systems, SCADA systems of different complexity and robot control systems

Research fields:

  • digital electronics;
  • lower-level automation;
  • mobile robotics

Robotic Systems Laboratory

Specialized laboratory equipment provides unique possibilities for students to design automation schemes and software for programmable logic controllers. Studying and developing process is supervised by experienced and qualified Automation, Robotics and Technical Systems’ Management department staff

Research fields:

  • automation of technological processes and production;
  • programmable logic controllers;
  • industrial and mobile robotics

Automation and Robotics Laboratory

This laboratory provides an opportunity for students to develop and create elements of mechatronic systems, industrial and mobile robots, software for control systems; to conduct mathematical analysis of control systems and to design automation systems mathematical models

Research fields:

  • elements of mechatronic systems design;
  • instrument cases design;
  • mathematical modeling;
  • additive technologies

Laboratory of Mobile Robotics and Microprocessor Control Systems Design

The laboratory provides the opportunities for practical studying of various aspects of computer organization, computer and microprocessor structures, processor control principles, command systems and basics of machine programming

Research fields:

  • CAD systems;
  • digital telephony;
  • circuit design;
  • information security

Information Systems and Technologies Department Laboratory

This laboratory is for the scientific and research work in the sphere of remote sensing and geoinformation systems. Laboratory specialized technical aids allow to conduct region territory monitoring and get satellite imageries in near real-time for making decision

Research fields:

  • direct reception of data from different satellite;
  • processing optical and radar images of various resolution

Computer Hardware Laboratory

The laboratory is designed to form students’ theoretical and practical skills in the field of computer architecture, networks and telecommunications.

Research fields:

  • information processes and systems;
  • information technology;
  • CAD-systems;
  • information security

Networks and Information Transmission Laboratory

The laboratory is as an educational and scientific base for the educational process. Special laboratory software sustains students’ interest for studying informational processes and systems and help to develop their skills for working with network equipment and software.

Research fields:

  • information transmission networks and systems;informational processes and systems;
  • information security system organization;
  • enterprise complex information protection system

Information Security Software and Hardware Laboratory

In the laboratory students learn the modern methods, tools and technologies used in the sphere of information security

Research fields:

  • information transmission networks and systems;
  • informational processes and systems;
  • information security system organization;
  • software and hardware for information security;
  • information protection technology and methodology;
  • cryptographic protocols;
  • complex information protection

Laboratory of Multimedia Technologies and Information Systems

In the laboratory students learn the different ways of creating multimedia products for different spheres of activity with the help of various technical aids and specialized software

Research fields:

  • multimedia technologies;
  • web development;
  • content creation

Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Supercomputer Technologies

Laboratory equipment allows to conduct applied mathematical research using high-performance computing technologies for processing large data arrays

Research fields:

  • complex processes and systems modeling using high performance computing;
  • applications development for solving applied problems based on cloud services;
  • parallel technologies application in solving economic problems

International project "Methods and IT in education" laboratory

Laboratory equipment allows to develop and test e-learning resources based on interactive mathematical environments. Students learn how to create interactive test, tasks and games based on software tools under Experimental Mathematics and Education Informatization department qualified lecturers’ supervision. Laboratory technical aids provide an opportunity to process the data of pedagogical experiments and design interactive materials for the Smartboard

Research fields:

  • development of certification mechanisms for electronic educational resources created by teachers, lecturers and students;
  • development of technologies and special methods of teaching mathematics at school and at the university using specialized software products;
  • creation of a training system for preparing schoolchildren to participate in research work contests, mathematical olympiads and tournaments;
  • formation of a training system for preparing students for the digital educational technologies effective use in pedagogical and scientific activities;
  • mathematics teachers and lecturers advanced training with the purpose of introducing digital technologies into the system of general and professional education
Updated 15.10.2020