Department of State and Municipal Management

Natalya Synytskaya.jpgHead of Department: 

Sinitskaya Natalya, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Corresponding Fellow of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

In accordance with the basic directions of the educational process modernization in NArFU:

  • in the direction of “Network interactions of Federal universities in the field of education”:

    • implementation of the joint master programme “Strategic management”, organization of domestic academic mobility in the frame of joint educational programme between six federal universities;
    • participation in the joint educational programme “Energy management”;
  • in the direction of “E-learning development and implementation of distance learning”:

    • creation of full-text electronic database for support of the educational process in the distant form with all the necessary teaching materials.

Postgraduate: improvement of programmes for the ongoing disciplines, provision of all disciplines of the Department curriculum with teaching documents, including assessment tools fund. Development of full package documents for all types of practices and research for graduate students for the successful accreditation of the postgraduate programmes in “Economics”.


  1. The expansion of research field within the topic: “Humanization and security of the social space of the European North of Russia and Arctic”.
  2. Development of  research laboratory “Analytical sociology center for regional transformation”
  3. Students research laboratory
  4. Organization and participation in regional, national and international conferences.
  5. Annual scientific publications of stuff’s and students’ work.
Updated 26.03.2019