Legal Clinic

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Director: Ekaterina Sungurova

Tel: (8182) 65-06-12

The Legal Clinic provides legal assistance to socially vulnerable categories of the population and  non-profit organizations, including consultations and preparation of legal documents in the following fields of law:

  • labour law (cases of illegal dismissal, non-payment of salary, etc.);
  • family law (joint property division, mutual duties of parents and 
  • hildren, alimony, etc.);
  • social security law (disputes concerning  labour experience, disability, payment of benefits for temporary disability, etc.);
  • civil law (disputes over loans, credit, acquisitive prescription, consumer rights, inheritance, etc.)
  • housing law (disputes over provision of housing, public  utilities, maintenance and repair of the residential premises and common property in an apartment house, etc.);
  • land law (disputes over establishment (recognition) of rights to land, land-surveying, land provision, etc.);
  • administrative law (disputes concerning administrative penalties, actions (inaction) of state (municipal) authorities, their normative (non-normative) acts, etc.);
  • other legal matters.

In addition to meeting our clients in person we also offer consultations via email. 

Updated 09.06.2017