Department of International and Comparative Law

Ivan Saveliev.jpg

Head of Department: 

Ivan Saveliev, PhD in History, Associate Professor

Mission of the Department:

  • to form a high professional level of graduates in the field of international law disciplines;
  • to carry out research in the field of international law and other sciences;
  • to train highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel, which keep and enhance the scientific values of society.

Main functions of Department:

  • the teaching function: to prepare qualified specialists in the field of jurisprudence;
  • the training function : to disseminate knowledge in the field of science and practice of international law through the preparation and publication of educational and scientific literature; cooperation development of the Departmet with educational institutions in Russia and in the foreign countries;
  • the research function: to carry out research in the field of legal sciences, publish research reviews, participation in the international, national, regional and other scientific conferences;
  • the organizational and methodical function: regular training of stuff in accordance with the trends of modern development of jurisprudence and pedagogic, including training in the scientific organizations in Russia and abroad;
  • the expert and advisory function: to render legal assistance to regional and municipal authorities, economic entities in the implementation of international activities.

Disciplines of the Department:

  • International Law;
  • International private Law;
  • International Humanitarian Law;
  • The development of Russian Law in the twentieth century;

Courses of the Department:

  • The European Union Law;
  • The Institutions of the European Union;
  • Comparative European Contract Law;
  • Schengen Law;
  • International Air Law;
  • Challenges of International Law;
  • Legal Regulation of Cross-Border Cooperation;
  • Human Rights;
  • Collective Rights in International Law;
  • International Law of the Sea;
  • Indigenous Peoples Rights;
  • Consular Law;
  • International Commercial Law;
  • International Commercial Arbitration;
  • History of Russian America etc.

Updated 13.06.2017