Department of Theory and History of State and Law

Sergey Shalyapin.jpg

Head of  Department 

Sergey Shalyapin, PhD in History, Associate  Professor


Our mission:

Our goal is to help students develop their professional competence and acquire in-depth knowledge of fundamental theoretical and historical legal disciplines. We consider research to be an essential foundation for education.

Our aims:

- The  educational component of our activities is based  on the recognition of the importance of theoretical and historical subjects for effective and comprehensive study of law;

- Our priority research areas:

  • current issues of theory and history of state and law

  • role  of  law in solving the environmental problems of the North

  • legal systems of the Northern European countries

  • history of state and law in the European North of Russia in  the  context of the general trends of Russian political evolution

  • historical comparative  analysis  of  legislation on the  indigenous peoples of the  North

  • law  and  religion as  key forms  of social regulation, etc.

- Improvement of teaching methods, introduction of modern interactive techniques, case – technologies, heuristic assignments, innovative formats of lecturing 

- Our international activities comprise collaboration within the Barents region and other vectors in accordance with the Department’s research priorities. 

Updated 26.06.2017