Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship

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Head of Department

Olga Ikonnikova, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor 


General information:

Our mission:

Training highly qualified specialists (Bachelor’s and Master’s levels) in Economics, Marketing and Entrepreneurship through combining fundamental education with relevant practice oriented training.

Our aims:

  • Training of  qualified economists equipped with profound theoretical and  practical knowledge;

  • Introduction of advanced educational technologies;

  • Enhancement of the intellectual potential and development of the Department’s research base;

  • Professional development of the  faculty and  staff;

  • Development of an effective system of interaction with stakeholders;

  • Strengthening  interdepartmental, inter-institutional, and international cooperation;

  • Improvement educational  process quality, participation in  the  development of  vocational  training programs.

Courses offered within the framework of our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs:

  • Foundations of Marketing;

  • Economic Theory;

  • History of Economic Studies;

  • History of Economic Thought;

  • Macroeconomics;

  • Microeconomics;

  • Economics;

  • Economics and Production Management;

  • Branch Economics;

  • Economics of Enterprises;

  • Price Formation;

  • Analysis and Assessment of  Regional Economy;

  • Economics of Education;

  • Marketing;

  • Marketing in Various Branches and Spheres of Activity;

  • Territorial marketing;

  • Marketing Research;

  • Marketing Communications;

  • International Marketing;

  • Sales Management;

  • Legal Foundations of Economic Activity;

  • Organization and Support of Entrepreneurship;

  • Foundations of Business;

  • Branding and Marketing Research;

  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship;

  • Economics and production management basics;

  • Current Issues of Economics;

  • Modern Theory of Finance;

  • Strategic Marketing;

  • Managing Distribution Channels;

  • Personnel Management;

  • Management Consulting;

  • Financial Law;

  • Commercial Law.

Updated 26.03.2019