Department of Criminal Law and Procedure

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Head of  Department

Natalia Mashinskaya, PhD in Law, Associate Professor


General information:

  • Since 2015 we have been implementing the Master’s  program “Theory and  Practice of Criminal Law” (supervised by N.Y. Skripchenko, PhD in Law, Associate  Professor)

  • Our Master’s graduates are welcome to continue their studies within the PhD program “Criminal Law and Criminology; Criminal Executive Law” (supervised by N.Y. Skripchenko, PhD in Law, Associate  Professor)

  • Our professors collaborate with the Government of the Arkhangelsk region and with other regional law enforcement authorities in the sphere of children-friendly justice promotion and on other current legal issues.

  • We actively promote career guidance among students within the framework of various career-related events (Days of Criminal Law, Criminal Show, etc.).

  • The Department hosts a modern criminal laboratory complete with visual aids, criminal investigation and forensic tools, cutting-edge laboratory exhibits.

Our mission:

Our aims:

- providing quality professional training in criminal law, catering to the  needs  of the  region.

- shaping students’ civic and moral qualities in the context of the dynamically changing labour market by means of:

  • efficient organization and  high quality of education and research;

  • effective dissemination of knowlefge  in  the  field  of  Criminal Law;

  • preserving and  enhancing moral, cultural and scientific values of society.

Courses offered:

In the framework of Bachelor’s programs:

  • Criminal Law;

  • Criminal Procedure;

  • Criminalistics;

  • Criminology;

  • Law Enforcement Authorities;

  • Criminal Executive Law;

  • The Court in Criminal Procedure;

  • Prosecutor’s Supervision;

  • Legal Foundations of Investigation;

  • Forensic Psychiatry;

  • Foundations of Legal Expertise;

  • Prosecutor’s Acts

In the framework of Master’s programs:

  • Current Issues of Criminal Law;

  • Encouraging Norms in Criminal Law;

  • Current Issues of Pretrial Criminal Proceeding;

  • Court Decisions in Criminal Procedure;

  • Anticorruption Legal Tools;

  • Legal Control through Pretrial Procedures;

  • Issues of  Social Danger of Persons with Mental Disabilities;

  • Situational Approach to Crime Investigation;

  • Investigation Methodology for Specific Crimes;

  • The Advocate in the Criminal Procedure;

  • Prosecutor’s Supervision in Criminal Procedure;

  • Evidence in Customs Crimes;

  • Crimes in the Sphere of External Economic Activities.

Updated 26.06.2017